Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fashion Disasters of the Decade

On New Year's Eve when all of my beautiful bloggers are putting on their sequins and gorgeous pretty things, I decided to re-visit some things that have hopefully been put to a permanent rest. The last decade has had quite a few fashion disasters to remember, or not remember. But everyone loves a train wreck, right? That's why I watch Jersey Shore.

Here are some of the low moments in fashion from the past decade.

Note to Madonna. You would not make a good Spanish bullfighter. Bulls would RUN from you. This outfit is just wrong from the tied shirt to the "M" low belt buckle. Oh wait. Maybe she's trying to be a cowgirl. Either way, this get up is a big fashion faux pas.

Ok, you may disagree with me, but I don't like this Versace dress at all. The media ooohed and ahhhed all over this dress, but Jennifer Lopez is just an inch of tape away from a major disaster. She must have used a few rolls of Hollywood tape when she wore that dress. It's just too much skin, even if you are Jennifer Lopez and are in great shape.

Bjork must have thought she was a cast member of Swan Lake at a pre-school when she chose this outfit. Seriously, what was she thinking. I'm not going to say anything else about this nightmare.

Here's another lost ballet cast member!! Lara Flynn Boyle looks silly in this tutu. Even the shoes are a train wreck. The only thing missing is a ballerina bun in her hair. No, that would be an insult to REAL ballerinas who don't wear their costumes on the street.

We can hope for better fashion sense in 2010, but I'm sure that this new year will bring many more fashion disasters for us to see.

Happy New Year to all of you!

xx Bethany


  1. Glad I didn't make the list! Hee hee!

  2. Great and fun list! I completely agree about the J-Lo dress.

    I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  3. Awesome post Bethany, thanks for the memories, haha!
    Happy New Year! XOXO

  4. Great job Bethany...too funny!



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