Friday, December 18, 2009

My handmade cards

Good morning, blog friends! Tomorrow we're supposed to get A LOT of snow. One tv station says that we'll get a MINIMUM of 8 inches and a more dramatic station is projecting up to 24 inches of snow!

It looks like a perfect weekend to stay at home, stay warm, and be crafty! When I'm "stuck" at home, I tend to do one of two things: cooking/baking or crafty-type things. Of course, I could always clean, do laundry, or the other million and one things that need to be done, but it makes me happy to do something fun. Tomorrow's going to be a crafty day. I'm going to make some handmade cards.

Every month, I get together with a group of friends for a Stamp Club. It's a blast since we talk, eat, drink and make several cards during the course of an evening. These are some cards that I've made with my stamping friends.

This card is pretty unique and special. The white lettering is actually embossed. We used an embossing stamp and then poured embossing powder over the ink while it was still wet. Then I "fixed" it with the heating tool. The border of the paper was cut with a special punch from Stampin' Up. To get the pretty yellow flower, I sponged yellow ink on the originally white flower with a sponge tool. Tied up with a ribbon, it's a great card for a special person!

One of my favorites! I also recreated this card in pink and orange, one of my favorite color combinations. Basically, this is a fairly simple card to assemble, but requires a lot of prep work. The ovals are punched and the border is decorated with a punch. Papers are layered to create this gorgeous card. Brads and corner punches also add a great detail!

This was one of the most difficult cards I have ever made, but it was SO worth it. The first step was to take a long rectangular strip of paper for the flower and score it with a scoring tool. I used the scoring blade of my paper cutter. Spacing every 1/4 inch on the paper to score makes it easy to make the accordion fold of the flower. A round punched dot hides any imperfections in the center of the flower and adds a great detail. I tore the bottom of the green paper to give it a rough edge and used a small twig as the stem. Love this card!

Sending cards is a lost art. Handmade cards can make someone's day. I'd like to get together a list of people who would like to get "snail mail" on a regular basis. Are YOU interested in joining?



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