Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stocking stuffers for little girls!

Hello blog friends! I have to preface today's post by telling you that I have 8 year old twins who are probably the most girly-girl little girls that you could ever meet; and I LOVE it! It is so much fun to shop for them. They like everything pink, fancy, shiny, and over the top! They are super preppy and love their Lilly just like me. Here are some ideas that I have for their stocking stuffer gifts.

This adorable Angela Moore pony tail holder is perfect for pigtails or ponytails.

Another great item from Angela Moore is a little bracelet. I love to wear Angela Moore's bracelets and my girls love it that they have their own that fit them perfectly. Everything is proportioned for tiny hands and fingers.

Although this bag is a little bit too big for a stocking, I can't resist spilling the beans about this great company. Two dear friends from college are starting to sell their bags in some upscale boutiques and they are just too cute! My favorite is the pink dog bag, but they are also making them in lobsters and other critters. Bags come in different sizes, some with a zipper. A great bag to take to dance class, to a sleepover, or to the beach.

This book is part of a series of delightful cookbooks that moms and kids with both love. There are Mermaid party recipes, Spa party recipes, and fairies as part of this collection. Such a great idea for birthday parties, classroom parties, or any special day. A friend gave my girls two of these books this weekend, and they literally spent HOURS looking at the recipes and talking about what they were going to serve at their next soiree!

Hope that you like some of my preppy girl stocking stuffer ideas! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh I envy you! I always wanted a girl-but I live with all boys. So cute and fun, I love all that stuff too and if only I had a daughter to use as my excuse. Great ideas. xoxo


  2. How fun! Can't wait until I have a little one to buy stocking stuffers for...and oh how I miss having my own stocking filled with wonderful things!

  3. Like Beth, I have two boys... sigh... I get to buy stuff I have no idea about! LOL

  4. @Beth Dunn and @bevysblog ~ Boys are wonderful, too! Here's a really cool toy from Hearthsong that I think would be great for a boy (or girl, or adult!!) Love the flingshot Monkeys! Have a great day!http://www.hearthsong.com/product.asp?section_id=0&department=0&search_type=normal&search_value=monkeys&cur_index=&pcode=1853

  5. I love Angela Moore! My Big Sister in my sorority bought me the Pink and Green toile for Rush and I absolutely love it! What cute gift ideas!



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