Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thrifty Thursday ~ Sales every day!

One of my favorite things to do is find good deals on things on my wish list. When I can SPAVE, spend and save, at the same time, it's even better. Admit it, you like to spave, too!

About three years ago, I started an excel spread sheet with all of my Lilly purchases to keep track of the print and style names. In an effort to try to justify my purchases, I listed the retail price and the price I paid. After a few VERY successful warehouse sales, my savings percentage was pretty high and I felt good about my savings!

Now you can get great items for less every day! There are quite a few "members only" shopping websites out there and Gilt and Ruelala are two of my favorites. These websites offer members prices similar to a sample or warehouse sale from different brands that change on a daily and weekly basis.

Every day at 11:00, new boutiques open on Rue La La. It's worth it to login to the boutique right at 11, because sometimes the boutiques sell out of popular items within MINUTES. Yes, I'm serious. I've had things in my shopping cart that were sold out by the time I wanted to pay for them. Last year, there was a Lilly Pulitzer boutique and Vineyard Vines is a Rue La La regular. Yesterday they had a Kate Spade home boutique with great household items like glassware. Don't miss anymore of the amazing Ruelala sales, click on the link for your invitation.

Gilt starts their sales at noon every day. Gilt is extremely fast with shipping and packages things very nicely. Some orders have arrived to me the next day after a 12 noon sale! Gilt is a little bit different from Rue La La because they have different sites with different types of products. There is Gilt Fuse, a more modern, contemporary collection of boutiques and Jetsetter, an amazing travel site. They feature amazing getaway options and upscale hotels. Burberry is featured today for men along with Gucci watches and Prada parfums.

I've also had really good luck with children's clothing on Gilt from lines like Jacadi, Lola et Moi, and CZ Kids. Their jewelry and accessories are also TDF! Another nice feature that Gilt offers is the ability to put your name on a wait list for sold out items. Here's your personal invitation to join Gilt.

For my Lilly loving blog friends, the Sale Shack at C.Orrico is a great resource for Lilly Pulitzer at a great price. You can find things that you may have missed from past season at the Sale Shack and other preppy goodies. A few seasons ago, I found a green Jacqueline Lilly Pulitzer dress at an amazing price here, it was unbelievable.

Hope you're all having a fantastic Thursday and getting ready for Christmas next week! Today I wrapped TENS of presents, but have finished wrapping everything for my girls.

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