Saturday, December 26, 2009

Traditional Christmas

Good morning, "blends!" I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends who are near and dear to you.

One of my favorite things is the traditional Christmas Eve service. There is something so comforting and special about a service with hymns, Christmas carols, and the Christmas story read from the Bible.

The mini-peeps sing in the choir at church and enjoy it so much. Towards the end of the Christmas Eve service, the family who has most recently had a baby in the church presents the Christ child and places Him in the manger. The rest of the congregation sings Silent Night and the church is lit only by candlelight. It is so moving for me. I cry every year, but of course, I cry at commercials on tv, too.

Christmas morning was a whirlwind of activity with two minnies enjoying their presents! Natalia woke up at 5 a.m. and wanted to open her presents! She went back to bed for a little while and I let her open her stocking goodies at 6. Once the grandparents were ready to go, both girls then opened their surprises from "Santa" at 7:30. The only slip up was a J.Crew box addressed to me that I re-used for a costume for Alexia who asked why SANTA had MY box! OOOPS! Need to be more careful about that next year.

One great morning of presents, pajamas, and cookies for breakfast, two family gatherings, and lots of LOVE made for a wonderful Christmas day. What was your favorite Christmas memory yesterday?

As always, thanks for reading my blog. Lots of exciting news to share with you this week including decorating and fashion advice for New Year's Eve.

Have a FABULOUS day.

xx Bethany

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  1. Christmas Eve service has always been my absolute favorite church service of the year :)



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