Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Full Monty

Happy Saturday lovely ladies! I have a lot to share with you today ~ a fun girls' night out and the lucky winner of the Kate Landers Events giveaway. It was such a busy week for me with two very long days and nights at school. This time of the year has so much activity with the new semester starting and registration for next year all happening in the same 2 week period of time!

A while ago, my Mother and two aunts made plans to see the Full Monty Musical. Late this week, they found out that a few tickets were available and my cousins, Courtney and Nicole, and I jumped at the chance to see this fun show. It was such a wonderful evening. I had a blast and I don't think I have laughed so much in a long time.

The Full Monty musical is different from the movie. The musical is set in Buffalo, New York with six unemployed steelworkers as the primary characters. With a story that is truly touching and heartfelt, the Full Monty is full of laughs and has a great musical score. Some of the lyrics are absolutely hysterical and add so much to the story.

And yes, the men in the show truly did the "Full Monty" in their final number. As an avid people watcher, one of the funniest things for me was watching the unfortunate gentleman in the FRONT ROW who was mortified by the whole display. At one point, he covered his head and eyes with his hand and arm! Poor guy! His wife, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying herself.

It was a fantastic evening for me!

Now on to other exciting things. . . The lucky winner of the Kate Landers Giveaway is Sue Romano-Trader. Please contact me at with your mailing information so that I can put you in touch with Kate to choose your prize. Congratulations to Sue and thanks to all of you who entered.

Happy Saturday!



  1. Thank You Bethany! Thank you Kate Landers! Olivia & I are thrilled to win this fabulous prize! The timing could not be more perfect as we are planning her 3rd Birthday party! We will be sure to post photos from the party!
    xx Sue & Olivia

  2. I remember seeing a national touring performance of Hair when I was in college. The last scene before the intermission had the entire cast singing under what looked like a nylon parachute. As they slowly emerged from under it, they were ALL in their glory, frontal and proud! I had to giggle at all the older folks in the audience. I wasn't expecting the display myself, but their expressions and gasps of horror were just priceless!



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