Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Helping Haiti

Today marks one week since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. It’s probably impossible for us to realize the magnitude of this disaster, but I’ve had my experience with disasters in Mexico and my heart is aching for the people of Haiti. I knew many people who lost their homes in mudslides during Hurricane Paulina and saw entire villages that simply disappeared. I’ve had my home flood with water twice during hurricane season. I became very adept at putting furniture on bricks to save it from the floods. After the things that I've been through, I like to think that I am a survivor; a fighter. But the people in Haiti need help.

I’ve experienced so many earthquakes that I can’t count them anymore and always had a bag of supplies by the door with diapers in it when the girls were babies. The strongest earthquake that I felt was in 1999, in Mexico City, when I was not able to keep my balance and sat down on the street and held on to a car for balance. This earthquake was 5.8 magnitude. Walls crumbled. Cracks in the concrete appeared in my home. Some news reporters have explained that many people in Haiti didn’t understand what was happening when the earthquake began. Their fear must have been unimaginable.

I took a lot about life for granted before I lived in Mexico. I am so fortunate to have a home and good health. As much as I love to talk about shopping and leisure activities and truly do enjoy these things, a few years ago, I learned that these material things can disappear overnight. Health and family is all that matters.

There are many ways to help the people in Haiti and it’s important that we all do what we can to support the on-going effort to provide relief after this terrible disaster.

This week, I’m selling homemade hot chocolate before school to raise money to give to the Red Cross. It’s a great opportunity for students to help others and become involved in the Haitian relief cause. A very large percentage of the Haitian population is made up of children, so I want to instill the value of service and giving to others to my daughters. I want them to be compassionate young ladies who appreciate the most basic things that they have. I want them to have empathy for others.

Sales today were good and I’ll update you later this week with our total donations. I’m hoping for a successful fundraiser.

My dear friend, Sarah, owner of Village Palm, a Lilly Pulitzer specialty boutique, is donating 10% of all sales from January 18 – January 20 to CARE for Haiti relief. If you would like to place an order from Village Palm, please contact Sarah at (313) 882-7256.

How are you helping the relief effort in Haiti? Are there any special projects in your area to support Haiti?



  1. Love you! What a big heart you and your girls have. I am going to post an email I received from a missionary who is working down in Haiti and experienced the earthquake first hand. Absolutely riveting.

    Oh, and I'd love to know more about how you even ended up in Mexico for so long!

  2. Such a great post! And that is so awesome you are selling hot chocolate to help raise money! XOXO

  3. Bethany, love it, what a great idea! Wish I lived closer so I could hang out with you and the Minnies! :-) XOXO

  4. Bethany, I adore your hot chocolate idea. And thank you for donating money to the Red Cross. :-)



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