Friday, January 22, 2010

Newborns, Nanas, and Scorpions

Everyone always told me that I should write a book about all of my experiences and this blog is the first place where I can really share things with others. Thanks for reading and sharing with me.

One of the most memorable stories seems funny now, but at the time it was a pretty dramatic scene. I was living in Oaxaca, Mexico and had gone to Mexico City for the birth of my twin daughters. About 3 days after my emergency c-section (that's another blog post!) my Mother and Nana returned to Oaxaca with the girls and me.

I was so excited to go home since I'd been in a holding pattern in Mexico City for a few weeks. Secretly, I was worried what the (now ex) husband and the help had done to the place in my absence!

As soon as we got home, the maids came to me in a panic speaking in rapid fire Spanish. They said that they "needed" me to come upstairs to the guest room immediately. I explained that I was not really supposed to be going up and down steps and that I was tired and that whatever was going on would need to wait. The two women insisted that it was urgent, so I slowly made my way upstairs.

En route to the guest room, Malena explained that a scorpion was in the guest room. Scorpions were a pretty common thing in Oaxaca and I asked her why she was bothering me with this silliness. Really, I was very annoyed. She told me that the scorpion HAD NOT MOVED in 3 days and that it was in the corner of the ceiling that was 14 feet high. As it turns out, the scorpion was pregnant and "nesting."


After much debate and my Mother and Nana downstairs wondering about the commotion, the maids and I decided to climb our super tall outdoor ladder and VACUUM the scorpion. Guess who got to climb the ladder? Moi. Of course. The one with stitches.  The one who was not supposed to climb steps or carry more than 10 pounds.

Want to know the best part? My Mother and Nana never knew the truth about what was wrong with their room, until now!

Isn't my Nana the cutest? Love her!!


P.S. Bevy and other lovely ladies wonder how I ended up in Mexico. I'll share that story with you little by little, as well as more adventures of my life there.


  1. Oh My......... Ok, I could see how you weren't laughing then. But it IS funny! What do your mother and grandmother have to say about this?!!

    Yes, I too want to know how you ended up there!

  2. I can't even laugh about the scorpion! You poor thing! I was lucky enough not to have to deal with anything like this during my short time in Mexico!

  3. Yikes! Not a fan of Scorpians! Your Nana is adorable.

  4. Great story! Maybe sometime we members of the Preppy Mafia could compile a collection of our favorite adventures?

  5. Keep the stories coming, Bethany!

  6. OMW! Can't even imagine that story... AND can't wait to hear more about your experiences there! Yes, Bevy is rather nosy. LOL



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