Sunday, January 24, 2010

PANDAmonium, finally!

Pandemonium!?!? That's usually not a word that you want to hear, right? But the Lilly Pulitzer pandamonium is something that I have eagerly been awaiting. Do you remember when I shared the big news about the Lilly Pulitzer panda print with you a while ago?

This adorable print is a departure from other Lilly prints because it is the first print that is black and white. The signature Lilly pink adds such a pop of color to the print, especially on the girls' shift. The pandas have adorable pink floral bows in their hair! My girls thought that this was the cutest thing ever. A little ribbon of pink writing says, "Lilly loves the World Wildlife Fund."

A girls' shift dress, a women's shift, a women's skirt, and a beach tote all are available in the Pandamonium print. The beach tote is available in two sizes that are perfect for almost any need.

I've already put my name on the list at Persnickety Palm for the shift dress for my Minnies. Alexia is OBSESSED with pandas and can't wait to wear her dress. She's already planning how to wear the shift until the warmer weather heads our way. The little fashionista plans to wear a white shirt and black leggings under the shift. Too cute! We're expecting the girls' shifts around February 10. Too bad they won't be in stock when we visit the Zoo to see our favorite panda, Tai Shan, in early February.

In keeping with the theme, Lilly Goes Green, these items are made with 100% cotton and low impact dye. 10% of your purchase of the Pandamonium items will benefit the World Wildlife Fund.

Are you a Lilly Pulitzer fan on Facebook? Set your alarm clocks for 7 a.m. tomorrow when there will be a special pre-order for the Pandamonium collection on the Facebook page. Alternatively, you can talk with your favorite Via or specialty store to put your name on the list for these adorable items.



  1. Bethany! How do you get all these great photos? Do you have some dirt on Jack? ;) I am so excited for the debut of this dress... do you know if it is 6am ET tomorrow? I am in central and want to make sure I am there at the right time. ;)

  2. Too cute! I love pandas as well.

  3. The large beach tote is really cute!

  4. Bethany, I am dying to see how Alexia wears this! You must post photos. Sometimes my 8 year old and 5 year old daughters come up with ideas I wouldn't think of!

  5. Very, very cute... never thought I would see Lilly in black and white. Wonder how juice would have looked on this print?! LOL

  6. Very cute print. And I'm so sad that Tai Shan has only a few more weeks in DC. I smile every time I hear "butter stick".



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