Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lilly Spring ~ Minnies Edition

You already know that I adore the Spring Lilly Pulitzer Collection for women. I showed you some of my favorites a few days ago and have been previewing this collection for months.

I was thrilled to see the Minnies spring collection at such excellent price points. In particular, some simple Little Lilly shift dresses and skorts cost $48. This is a lower price than previous seasons. As a seamstress who has made quite a few dresses for my girls, I know first hand that it takes just as much, if not more effort, to produce a child's garment. Knowing this makes me appreciate the attention to detail that Lilly designers incorporate into their Minnies collection while maintaining or even lowering costs.

My minnies loved the collection and Alexia made her list. Here's her top 5 list; and yes, my minnie-me is so type A that she actually prioritized the list!

1. Flossie dress printed scallops

2. Rowan tiered dress

3. Tippi romper (side note: I'm pretty sure that I had something like this circa 1979 and there might be photographic evidence of it somewhere!)

4. Mini Kimi skort

5. Carolina bubble dress

Both girls love dresses that have fuller skirts, both for the twirl factor and also to keep them covered when they have to sit "criss cross apple sauce" on the floor at school. I firmly believe that children should dress their age, but this often limits clothing choices for my girls. There is a horrible store in the mall that my girls know is absolutely off limits for them! (Can you guess which one it is?) I try to encourage them to choose clothes that are acceptable to me by simply NOT giving them other choices. Sneaky, I know!

What do the little girls in your life love from the spring Lilly collection? If you're a mom of little girls, do you ever wear matching Lilly outfits?

Hope that everyone has a fabulous day! We got about 4 inches of snow last night, but for now, it looks like schools are open and on a 2 hour delay.

Wishing all of my wonderful readers a very happy day! Thanks for reading.


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  1. Your little sweetheart making a list is just about the CUTEST thing ever!! I did dress in the same "patch" as the Twincesses last Mother's Day. I figure, I better do it whilst I can. You are so lucky your older girls like the same things as you. Is there anything more fun than dressing a baby girl? You & I know! Yes, dressing two baby girls! Oh, twin girls are such a delight! I bought them the Lainey Printed Velour Dress for Easter. It is usually FREEZING here (even @ Easter time) so I went with a warmer dress. I will probably buy another option in case it warms up (Yeah, wishful thinking!:)

  2. Oh how sweet is Alexia! I have already placed an order with Elizabeth for 2 dresses. Hopefully they will be for Easter with a light sweater :) I ADORE Lilly for my girls and always stuff their closets with them. The flossie dress in printed scallops is on I overlooked, but now that Alexia has brought it to my attention, my heart is skipping beats! Enjoy the snow! Wendy

  3. Those girls are going to be the best-dressed around! So cute and love that Type - A personality! :-) XOXO

  4. I need the mini Kimi for ME!! I hear ya on Those Other Stores... it gets harder and harder and harder to keep them away. I think you safely have a good 2 years to go though. ugh... It's a constant battle around here!

  5. I love all the mini's! I wish I could fit into them. xoxo


  6. The little Flossie is just too sweet. I love your daughter's list! Fabulous taste - wonder where she gets that from? ;-) wink xo

  7. I remember those rompers when I was a child, too funny!

  8. I'd like the skort and the Flossie dress for my big girl self!!! XXOO

  9. I love love love the Minnies! My little one only just turned one year old, so she's really only gotten to wear a couple Minnie dresses, & she wore to death one Minnie bathing suit.

    But I think the picks you've listed are ADORABLE, & I think it is just too precious that your little girl made a little prioritized list!!! (Sounds like something I would've done at that age...or yesterday.)

    & I will definitely do some matchy-matchy stuff once mine is a bit older. =)

    Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

  10. Fabulous taste just like her mama!

  11. Too funny, B. Alexia has great taste :)

  12. That Mini Kemi is so cute! Too bad I do have boys, BUT at least I don't have to worry about those tacky stores. There is no JUSTICE in the world is there??? LOL

  13. Oh how I long for a little girl to dress in Lilly!

  14. Oh I LOVE these dresses for little ones! Not a Mom yet, but when I am my little girls will definitely be in Lilly! xoxo



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