Saturday, February 13, 2010

Preppy Mafia giveaway

Are you a member of the Preppy Mafia? Do you want to be a socialite? I'm thrilled to announce the first giveaway from the Preppy Mafia. One lucky winner will receive a "Socialite Starter Kit" that includes so many goodies. You can enter the giveaway on Beth Dunn's Social Climbers site.

I was recently honored to be named Social Director of the Preppy Mafia. We're going to take over the world, one monogram at a time! You can join the Preppy Mafia on Facebook, too. We want to have fun as we welcome all people who love things Preppy, Pink and Green. I feel like I should be organizing a mixer or something. As Elle Woods says in Legally Blonde, "This is going to be just like senior year, except funner." Remember to enter the giveaway here.



  1. How do we get the sticker? I looked at Margaret's website and at PM... to no avail... sigh

  2. I am excited for the Preppy Mafia too! Congrats on being the Social Director!



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