Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who wants to be my Valentine?

Who wants to be my Valentine? Valentine’s Day is so much fun because I love to send cards and little notes to people. It’s a holiday that was practically invented for the card, flower, and chocolate industries. Everyone EXPECTS to get a Christmas card from friends and family, but no one really expects to get a card for Valentine’s Day from long lists of people. My Nana faithfully sends one to me every year, and there is something special about getting little notes and messages for Valentine’s Day.

It’s kind of like a flashback to my elementary school days with my homemade Valentine’s mailboxes made out of the largest shoe box I could find at home. I remember decorating them with doilies and lots of hearts and really enjoying it when I read all of the notes from classmates. This year, the Minnies and I carefully assembled homemade Valentines for their friends and it was so much fun.

To share the love with my fabulous readers, I’d love to send a Valentine to you! If you’d like to participate, leave your email address as a comment to this post or send me an email at

Since this year is all about going green, your Valentine will be delivered to you from Paperless Post. Paperless Post allows you to create and send invitations, cards, and other greetings by email. So much more than your average e-card, Paperless Post includes matching envelopes and other special details.


Have you entered the personalized stationery giveaway yet? Check out the details here and be sure to enter. mcc designs has the most adorable monogrammed stationery and notes. I especially love the scalloped designs. Share this giveaway on twitter, facebook, or your blog for extra entries.


  1. What a great idea!

  2. I love sending valentines cards to friends and family too!

    Paperless post is a great them!

  3. yippie!!

  4. That is so cute! :)

  5. such a great idea!! i'm currently deployed so i would LOVE mail, especially a valentine!!

  6. I also love sending cards, but I just can't make myself go the "paperless" card route! After all the USPS is suffering major financial woes, I think they're depending on me to keep mailing stacks of cards. :-) XOXO

  7. I'm not ususally a valentines person but this year we are making our own homemade valentines. This should be fun!

    Love yours by the way!

  8. Making cards sounds like a lot of fun but only if it involves blunt nose scissors, Elmer's glue and crayons.

    The electronic stuff just isn't the same. Kind of like "Be (zap, buzzzzzz) My (whirrrrrr) Val(pop)entine! (Error, page not found).

    Like Bama Girl says, there's something about getting a REAL card in the mail that says I love you!


    PS Click on my name. I've got a better idea for sending out cards.



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