Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dreaming of Safari

So I'm a bit of a princess. You know, I go camping if it's in a hotel, preferably one with a spa. If I’m on the beach, there’s someone giving me diet cokes, preferably with a lime in it. So if I’m going to go to a safari. . . .

Then it should be the Lilly Pulitzer Spring Safari!

This fabulous event will be held on April 15, 2010 at the American Museum of Natural History. I imagine that quite a few “wild party animals” will be in attendance at the event and I’d sure love to join this Safari. The evening begins with dinner and continues with dessert and dancing! To celebrate the endangered animal collection, some of Lilly’s print designers will work on a mural during the event. How exciting it would be to watch them work! They’ll probably get a lot of inspiration from the impressive museum collections as well as the party guests themselves.

Some of my favorite Lilly prints involve silly anthropomorphic scenes, such as monkeys hanging from chandeliers, monkey gondoliers, monkeys with margaritas. . . You get the idea.

Maybe the party guests are the inspiration!

The event is black tie “Lilly or Louder.” What a fun splash of color this event will bring to the museum. I’m visualizing my closet to think about what I would wear to this event. It has to be FUN! It would be fun to plan an outfit for this event.

You have the opportunity to attend this event. Enter to win one of two gala prizes. The first prize is called Night at the Museum. The second opportunity is Want to Work in Fashion. I’ve entered to win and am keeping my fingers quadruple crossed at the thought of such a fantastic opportunity.

For those who cannot attend this event, there will be live video from the event on the Lilly Pulitzer website and facebook page! So much fun.



  1. Yes, this Princess received invitation too... sadly, it conflicts with other plans... :(

  2. Cannot wait to see pics! What a fun event!

  3. hey lady! just posted a giveaway, check it out :)


  4. That will be such a fun event! Yes, pictures will need to be posted.

  5. What a dream to attend this event! I entered too and am keeping my fingers crossed... Good luck, dear!

  6. What a dream to attend this event! I entered too and am keeping my fingers crossed.... Good luck, dear!

  7. oh, how i want to go to the Lilly safari! I entered, but a girl from my local lilly won the prize! fun, fun!
    ps -- did you know we both posted that cute little madras llbean bag on our blogs yesterday?!? too cute, too preppy!

  8. aaaah! I am so excited I cannot sit still! I hope I get to see you there!!

    xx Sara

  9. You and I could definitely go "camping" together! Perfect idea of a Safari! xoxo



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