Thursday, March 4, 2010

Images in Green

Do you usually associate a color or colors with a particular month? For me, February is about red and pink because of Valentine's Day and March is all about green. In March we celebrate St. Patrick's Day at our house and even color some of our food green. The minnies get quite a thrill out of green mashed potatoes for some reason! :) I'm finally starting to see little bits of green and signs of spring here in Maryland after this long winter.

Green is such a soothing color to me and makes me think of happy things like flowers, being outside, and nature. Enjoy some of the green goodies I have to share with you today.

A lovely green dress from Lilly Pulitzer

Green Bonanno sandals

Green bud vase place cards from Ballard designs

Exquisite green prints from Porthault

So I cheated a little bit with this last one, but who can resist this Boston Terrier needlepoint pillow from the Well Appointed House?

Enjoy your day!



  1. Ooooh... those Bonanos!

    I did a green post last week. I ADORE green!!! (But loathe St. Patty's Day!)

  2. those linens are amazing, how much fun would it be to wake up in a bed of butter lettuce colored sheets?!



  3. Veru cute I love the needlepoint pillows from the Well Appointed House! xx

  4. Funny, I do associate colors with some months. Loving the linens. Hope you're having an amazing day! Jamie

  5. LOVE those green Bonnano sandals - how cute!

  6. I am so happy it's March! I love all your green items!

  7. You know the best thing about March? It's one month closer to SUMMER! :-) XOXO

  8. So with Jess on those sandals! Love the little pink flower! Too cute...

  9. I absolutely love the green sheets! :)

  10. I adore the green bedding set from Porthaut :)



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