Sunday, March 7, 2010

Musical Motivation 1

Although I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle all year long, spring really motivates me to get myself in decent shape because I know that I’ll be living in a bathing suit all summer long. I’ve been on a really good streak at the gym lately and am pleased at the ever improving results. Time to fit in the skinny summer Lilly. I’ve still got to work on my diet coke habit, but I figure that little by little I can wean myself...slowly...

While I’m on the treadmill or the elliptical, music is really what keeps me going. Right now, I’ve got a few different mixes that are making my time at the gym pass quickly. I’m almost sad when the time on the machine tells me that I’m finished because I like the music so much. This first list I’m going to share with you is probably going to date myself, but I still love this music. Promise not to laugh...

Here it is...

Super New Wave Workout Mix
Dancing with Myself ~ Billy Idol
Vacation ~ Go-Go’s
Mirror in the Bathroom ~ English Beat
You Spin Me Round ~ Dead or Alive
Poison Arrow ~ ABC
Take On Me ~ A-Ha
Mickey ~Toni Basil
Smalltown Boy ~ Bronski Beat
Popmuzik ~ M
Tainted Love ~ Soft Cell
Just Like Heaven ~ The Cure
The Metro ~ Berlin
Cool Places ~ Sparks with Jane Weidlin
Just Can’t Get Enough ~ Depeche Mode
Don’t you Want Me ~ Human League
Always Something There to Remind Me ~ Naked Eyes
Don't Change INXS
Chains of Love ~ Erasure

It’s a fun mix I think. I remember when I was much younger, that I would hear a song and mother would tell me that it “wasn’t the original.” Tiffany’s I think we’re alone now is one that immediately comes to mind. Scanning this list, I see that a rapper has remade You Spin Me Round! That’s pretty funny. My minnies were tap dancing to Mickey last week at dance class and every mom in the waiting room was practically singing along with the song. And Tainted Love kind of reminds me of a modern day car commercial song. Even Billy Idol is calm by 2010 standards. Lovely peep Caitlin and I had so much fun dancing to the Human League and ABC when we saw them in concert last summer.

More music lists to follow... But I have to warn you, my musical taste changes pace quickly. We’re talking Menudo to Lester Lanin quickly. I promise that you’ll get a chuckle out of some of the songs and find quite a few you may have forgotten. In the meantime, I’ll keep on half-running on the treadmill.

What’s on your favorite playlist?


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  1. KUDOS on your list. 80s music is PERFECT for working out.

  2. Hi Bethany!

    I couldn't agree more! I think ANYTHING that gets you to the gym and WANTING to go back for more is, THE ticket!

    I love your play list... Mine dates back even further and I often think that if anyone ever really knew what was on my IPOD, they would be strangely shocked.

    My newest additions are: Orianthi's "According To You" and Pink's "So What"... both 100% opposite of my personality! Wonder what that means... I really think it's all about the beat-whatever works, right?

    Regardless, I LOVE your blog and hope you have a wonderful day! Gym or not.



  3. OMgoodness... a trip back in time! You need Flock of Seagulls in there... some Men without Hats too!
    Funny because I just wrote about my school years in NYC which included Studio 54 and as you know The Preppy Murderer... I wear my sunglasses at night...

    Fun post B!!!

  4. Your list is AWESOME!! Believe it or not, one of my FAVORITE songs to run to on the treadmill...are you ready? BABY GOT BACK by Sir Mix-a-lot!!

    Seriously, it makes me smile, and my work-out FLIES by!! Only problem is, it makes me want to dance, which kinda throws off my running cadence a bit, but SO worth it!!

  5. Obviously we grew up at the exact same time! Love your list. Mine is on my website



  6. Yayyy for The English Beat. I just saw them in concert here in FL (I think the lead singer is the only one who is from the original band!).

  7. I love how we went from making caramelized bananas to getting ready for swimsuit season! You're so right though, I just started a 3 day detox I will post about when I'm finished and I can't wait to create this playlist! Thanks for sharing! xoe

  8. Love your list! and yay for the gym!
    Just finished a fabulous run myself and some of the tunes that kept me going were
    The Warrior - Scandal
    Night Fever - Bee Gees
    In My Head - Jason Derulo

    xx Sara

  9. Anything by the Go Go's! And "Take On Me" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha...

    You need to put on some Howard Jones for your cool down mix!!!

  10. Love your list and loving the 80s music :)

  11. LOVE your playlist. I published mine a while back on my other blog, and was slightly embarrased to do so but what the heck, 80's music just makes exercise EASIER. :-) XOXO

  12. The Gogos are coming to Wolf Trap this summer...we HAVE to go!!!



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