Friday, March 5, 2010

Rooms for "Big" Girls

When I was pregnant, I carefully planned the girls’ nursery. It was carefully painted two perfect shades of green with a delicate white wainscoting to separate the two shades. Their gingham bedding reversed to a floral pattern. We lived in Mexico at the time, so I used fabric from Spain to upholster and decorate the nursery.

They graduated to their big girl beds, at a fairly early age because Miss Acrobatic Alexia seemed to have pole vault capabilities from birth! It seemed logical to make a trip to get their Pottery Barn bedding. They loved their little girl room, which was definitely more pink and princess-like than it had been as babies. They have the tulle princess netting hanging from the ceiling and the works. But now that the girls are 8, they are suddenly much more mature and another bedroom makeover seems in order.

The Garnet Hill collection fits this need perfectly. The Lilly Pulitzer Lilly of the Valley Percale bedding is an excellent choice for a girl and is such high quality that it can be kept and treasured for many years to come.

From the comforter cover to the contrasting sheets, pillow cases, and shams, this collection will suit a girls' room until college and beyond. It would make a delightful and inviting guest room. As a dorm room, your favorite college girl would have the best room at school with the Garnet Hill bedding. Garnet Hill is offering free monogramming on this and other select collections.

You already know that the quality of Garnet Hill is outstanding and that this company has a longstanding tradition of providing quality linens to consumers. If you have not already done so, please read about my favorites from this collection and enter to win the fantastic giveaway sponsored by Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill. The lucky winner will be selected next Wednesday.

Enjoy your day! I'm thrilled that it's Friday and am even more excited about our weekend temperatures that are supposed to be in the 50s this weekend.



  1. I just love this collection! I am also thinking about it for when I redo Little Miss M's room this summer. I can't wait to do that project and can't wait to see pictures of yours!

  2. Love it! My girls bunk room at the lake is pink and green so maybe I can add something from this collection.
    Bethany did you know that you still have the word veritication on? Just saying.....

  3. I love Garnet Hill - great bedding and clothes.

  4. This would be so cute for the twins!

  5. Garnet Hill is in my home State NH and I just found out that they have a Sample & Seconds Store in NH and an Outlet Store in nearby VT! Guess where I am going on a shopping trip!

  6. Too cute and big fan of GH :)

  7. Oh the Minnies would be so thrilled! Can't wait to see what you select for them! :-) XOXO



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