Friday, March 19, 2010

Surprise Eggs

Good morning! This year I'm thinking about using Lilly Pulitzer's market tote as the Easter basket or part of the Easter basket for my minnies. Yesterday, I picked up some market totes and am playing around with filling them. I'm waiting to see the Lilly gift with purchase basket that should be available soon to make my final decision. Usually, I fill the baskets with little games and trinkets, and a little bit of candy. Unique eggs are one of my favorite finds. Here are two fun ideas for surprise eggs:

These Kinder eggs are so much fun! Each Kinder egg has a little plastic capsule inside the delicious hollow chocolate shell. The prizes sometimes require assembly and are such cute collector's items. Thousands of Kinder toys have been made and are highly collected by some people. Often, there are special edition eggs with special holiday toys or toys from certain characters. It's a fun way to brighten an Easter basket, but Kinder eggs are available year round.

I just adore this Easter Surprise Egg from Sucre. Your Easter basket gets an extra surprise with this hollow milk chocolate egg filled with a surprise! Every surprise egg contains a special coupon while only one contains a Golden Ticket.

What are you putting in your Easter baskets this year? Are you using a unique basket idea such as a market tote?



  1. I adore kinder eggs, but they are hard to come by in the USA becuase apparently they have been banned because someone thinks that American kids are going to swallow the capsule whole... you should see the size of that capsule... that would be a feat.

  2. Oh my goodness,Kinder Eggs! They are so great, and especially popular in Europe. Everytime I go visit my family in Greece I make sure to stock up on them. Although I don't have kids nor married, I love doing Easter baskets. My family likes to go to Disney in Orlando and camp at Disney's Fort Wilderness (glorified camping- bathrooms and showers).They have a giant golden egg hunt on easter and lots of fun activities as well. I am thinking of making cute baskets for my sisters to wake up to. I am dying to find the Lilly Animal crackers, and will probably be puting the Lindt chocolates that are shaped like flowers and little sheepin there as well. They are precious!! Your market tote idea sounds so cute.

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