Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

Happy Easter Peeps!

Best wishes to everyone who is celebrating today.

Yesterday we went to see the Cherry Blossoms. It was a perfect day that included a visit to a few monuments, lunch at Rosa Mexicano, and a tour of the National Portrait Gallery. I’ve got the best tip for you to get good photographs at the Cherry Blossoms (or any other event for that matter.)

Find the professional photographer and follow the group!

Since we went downtown fairly early to avoid the crowds, it was a perfect opportunity to take pictures. I saw the cutest couple who were obviously dressed for an engagement photo. There was a photographer with them…So in the most unstalker-like way, I kind of followed the lead of the photographer to see the shots he took of the couple and then copied those ideas! At one point, I talked with the couple to tell them how nice they looked and ask about their wedding, and the fiancĂ©e offered to take a picture of the three of us! So sweet.

Even Alexia’s doll, Kit, joined us on the adventure. She wore her kimono especially to suit the occasion!

What are your plans for the day? We’re off to church and then we will go to spend the day at the rehabilitation center to keep my mother company. The girls will have their egg hunt there and we’ve made little treats for some of the other patients. Have a fantastic day!


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  1. Happy Easter! Those pictures are so cute! I love that Kit joined you guys - I had Kit when I was little too!

  2. You & your girls look BEAUTIFUL

  3. DC looks beautiful! You certainly caught the cherry blossoms at the right time.

    I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter day!

  4. You, as usual, look adorable!
    Happy Easter.



  5. What a beautiful day you and the Minnies had yesterday! (Love the professional photographer hint BTW!!!)

    Have a glorious Easter, sweet friend!

  6. Great pictures, Bethany! I went to the Tidal Basin and Hains Point several times but never thought to follow one of the many pro photographers around. Will definitely remember this for next year.

  7. Can't believe I missed this this year. And, what wonderful weather to boot! Also would have loved to ahve been in on the pom margaritas at Rosa :)

  8. I miss the Cherry Blossoms! They are so pretty. I love your photos :)

  9. Happy Late Easter! I'm jealous of all the people who got to see the cherry blossoms. I have an aunt who lives in the DC area and hoped to make it down there this spring but it just didn't happen. Gorgeous!



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