Monday, April 19, 2010

Panda-monium II

You all know about Lilly Pulitzer's panda print that I shared with you here and here. OPI has the perfect nail polish to match the Lilly Pulitzer Pandamonium print. This color is part of the Hong Kong collection and is called Panda monium pink.

It is a solid opaque color.

Another fabulous name for a color in the collection is "Chop-sticking to my story!" How cute is that!

You'll look fabulous in your Panda print, with this adorable polish.


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  1. totally cute! will you run out to cvs for me then come on over and paint my nails too? ;)

  2. I know I told you I ordered the Miss Trish sandals, thanks to you! But wanted to let you know that I'm blogging out it tomorrow too, and I included you in the post, for giving me a heads up on them. Thanks again! And love that OPI color. I need a pedicure ASAP!!

  3. Love the color. I'll definitely be picking this color up.

  4. What a beautiful color, I just love finding new shades of Pink OPI! :) How perfect for Pandamonium!

    Oh and "Chop-sticking to my story" = GENIUS!! HAHAH!!

  5. I love this color!! Also look for, "Cajun Shrimp" and "You're a Pisa Work." There are two of my favorites. Question for you, I love you simple "Subscribe via email" box on your blog. Had did you add it? I tried to add a similar one in the "gadgets" section but it was kind of tacky. If you have any suggestions, I could use the help! Thanks so much!! :)

  6. "Chop Sticking to my Story" hahahaaa!!! XXOO



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