Friday, April 9, 2010

What's in your beach bag?

Happy Friday! The weather this week has just been gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to summer! Here's my vision of items that would be included in a gorgeous summer day.

Note to moms: This is not a bag for a day at the beach with the minnies... While they are certainly old enough to carry their own things now, my bag with the minnies would be much larger and sturdy and packed full of all kinds of goodies like carrot, celery, and jicama sticks, water, and a Goldfish or two.

Lilly Pulitzer Elina tunic. This will add a pop of color to your day! Perfect over a swimsuit or paired with shorts, this tunic will keep you covered for lunch by the pool or at the beach.

Mystique seahorse sandals. Not your ordinary sandals, these beauties are perfect for day or evening.

Paley aviator sunglasses from Lilly Pulitzer. I feel so preppy Top Gun in these sunglasses. Love, love, love!

Handwoven seagrass tote with leather handles. The perfect beach tote.

Alice from Summer is a Verb recommended this book a few days ago and I already ordered it from Amazon. It looks like a perfect summer read.

Helioblock 60 sunblock. This is very difficult to find, but is so worth it. Don't be fooled by the Anthelios SPF 15 in stores in the U.S. It's not the same as Helioblock.

This spray water feels so refreshing on a hot and humid day! I spray a little bit on my face and lightly blot if needed. My sunblock stays put, but I feel clean and refreshed.

I always carry a few little ditty bags in my beach bag, too. These are great for holding bathing suits and other damp items. What do you want in your beach bag this summer? Which beach bag are you going to use? If you go to the pool or beach with minnies, do you have a larger or different bag than going solo?

Be sure to enter to win my giveaway from The Pink Dog for a chance at a pair of lovely beach-ready bags.



  1. So fun, Bethany! I also always carry my camera, iphone, and magazines. I am going to order that book, too :) Have a great weekend!!!

  2. I love that tunic! I've become so into tunics lately!

    Also, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog right now!

  3. I need those darling shoes!!! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Love the seahorse sandles! :) Happy Weekend!

  5. The perfect beach look! LOVE the tunic, sandals, and sunglasses!

  6. beachy prep -- love it!! I always carry a packed-full tote myself, with towel, mini cooler (snacks for muffy!), water bottle, magazines, coconut smelling sunblock, a camera, change of clothes and red licorice! :-)
    thanks for putting me in a beach mood on such a rainy friday!

  7. The starfish sandals are amazing!

  8. I adore this idea!! I think I'm going to have the steal it :) I was just getting my beach bag situated last night because there is only ONE month left until the pool opens, of course!

    And those sandals...sigh. Love.

  9. Where can I get those amazing sandals! they are perfection, just love them. Thank you for such a great post. And you are SO right about the LRP line, they are the BEST.

  10. Yes, do tell us where we can get those sandals! I usually bring phone, ipod, a book or magazines, camera, sunscreen, chap stick,money to buy an ice cold iced tea or lemonade, towel... I'm forgetting something!!

  11. I so need a beach day! I can't believe I live 10 minutes from a fabulous beach and I haven't seen the sand in over a year! These pale legs need some sun and fun!

  12. I will tell you what is NOT in my beach bag--the $459 swimsuit I tried on today!!! And it wasn't even that cute!



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