Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bags, Bags, Bags

Bags are one of my favorite ways to change an outfit from day to night or to make an impact with a simple dress. Two of these are in my collection, one will be added to my collection soon, and one is a dream for my bag collection. Any guesses as to which ones are which?

Lilly Pulitzer

Gucci icon bit tote

Hermes Birkin bag in blue jean

Goyard Jeanne PM

Chanel Coco Cocoon Bowling Bag

Did you see the Birkin bags on Rue La La yesterday!? I had to look just out of curiosity! Can't believe they were on Rue La La.



  1. LOVE. the LILLY! Just what I need this summer!!

  2. I cannot believe I missed that sale! kicking myself right now!! only $750 for a chanel boucle jacket?? *facepalm* I'll be in the corner sulking all day.

    loving your bag picks!!

  3. I love the Lilly bag too! Perfect accessories.

  4. What a sale! I just can't see spending 12,000.00 on a handbag... Those Birkins are absolutely lovely, but I'm going to get on my high-horse now. I could not justify spending that (on a pocketbook!!!) with all the need in the world. No judgment passed... just speaking for ME. xox

    But... I do love the Lilly straw purse!

  5. I'm thinking the gorgeous Birkin bag may be your dream bag! It's beautiful!

  6. I love the Lilly bag (don't own one), love Chanel (have two - one brown, one black) but all in all I find I am still a Dooney & Bourke girl.



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