Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preppy Patriots

Memorial Day is just around the corner! What will you be wearing this weekend at your Memorial Day celebration? Here are some preppy options in tones of blue to help celebrate this day in style.

You can never go wrong with Jules Reid and this ensemble is no exception. I love the Montauk top. It looks great with the white pants that you can finally pull out of your wardrobe.

Spending Memorial Day on a boat? This adorable dress from Vineyard Vines is perfect for my peeps who live near the water. Those are little anchors hidden in the print. How cute is that?

Nettie, you're one of my favorites for summer. Blue, toile, Lilly, and oh so comfortable!! This dress is a winner! You'll be as comfortable as you would be in a tank top, but you'll look so polished.

I'm loving all of the cute cardigans that Lilly Pulitzer has for spring and summer. The options are perfect, the cut is slim and chic, and the sweaters are perfectly paired with everything in the preppy closet.

Whatever you decide, please don't wear this dress! I thought you would all like a good laugh!



  1. Great choices here, Bethany! I especially love the Lilly dress with the white tank and skirt attached. I still have yet to try it on, but need to soon. They don't carry it at my store. Can't wait to get to the beach for Memorial Day!

  2. Great picks. I think that last number maybe disrespectful to our country...ha ha!

  3. So many cute dresses I SERIOUSLY cannot decide what to pack for my trip to New England this weekend!

  4. Very interesting, that last one! Loved the outfits. I will be wearing white pants and a green, white, and blue striped nautical shirt i snagged at the Gap a couple years back.

  5. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  6. LOVE the schooner dress. It will be finding it's way into my wardrobe!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. love the lilly cardigan!



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