Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweets and Treats

Congratulations to Wendy from The Bogarde Buzz and the ladies from the GSPMC committee for such a successful fashion show and silent auction! This event benefits the new birthing center at Baltimore Washington Hospital. In previous years, the event raised over $45,000 for families with special needs. The stories are so touching.

Every detail of the day was perfect, from the "sweet" decor, to the delicious menu, to the fashion show. Bernadette Woods, a local weather reporter, was the emcee for the event and knew just how to convince some of the younger children to walk the runway with grace while she was announcing.

The cupcakes were the sweetest decoration! They tasted as good as they look. Yum! It took a lot of restraint to wait until dessert to sample these goodies. I figure that with all my "Shredding with Jillian" that a little, tiny cupcake would be ok.

The centerpieces at each table were unique and special. The "sweets and treats" theme was perfectly integrated into every detail.

The local and national support for the event was overwhelming and donations for the auction were quite impressive. I am delighted that I won a gorgeous dress from the lovely Jules Reid! Here are some of the other silent auction items.

Adorable children modeled clothing from Crocodile Kids, Nordstrom, and The Pink Crab. Jewelry from Stella and Dot and Zachary's Jewelers was also presented to the audience. As the children walked down the runway, the emcee introduced them and their favorite color, candy, book, and more. One precious little girl donned a green cast on her arm. Some children took their time and posed, while others walked very quickly up and back the runway. It was too cute!


  1. What a wonderful event supporting such a great cause ~ it looks like a fun time for all. You look lovely ~ I don't think I could have waited until dessert for those cupcakes ~ yummy!


  2. That sounds like a great event!
    The cupcakes are adorable - I love the presentation!

  3. What a fun event! I'm so glad y'all received so much in donations. And I of course love all the Lilly y'all are all donning. So fun!

  4. Fabulous! It sounds like a wonderful time for a very worthy cause. And what a darling dress you're wearing!

  5. You look darling in your Lilly! I adore it. So great to be part of something philanthropic. xoxo

  6. Hey there sweet friend, what a fabulous event, and I must say I am thrilled you were able to attend! Of course a big shout out to my favorite to Lilly-loving adorable twin minnies, they look precious in their shifts as can be! And you are STUNNING in the Linda Marie, oh I am so happy to know someone I love owns it and wears it so well!

    Fabulous report, well done to Wendy and her team, and so glad you were able to be a part of it. What a busy weekend!! xox

  7. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. XOXO

  8. Congrats on such a successful event...Lilly always make things a little sweeter! xx

  9. I spy something nautical! ;)



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