Friday, May 28, 2010

Travel in Comfort

As airline travel becomes more uncomfortable, it is up to the passenger to find special goodies that make travel fun, practical and comfortable. I'm headed to Mexico and have found some fun things to make my trip a little easier.

The On your weigh luggage scale is ideal for me! I practically have a

Master's Degree in the Art of Packing a 50 Pound Bag.

Every time I weigh myself on the scale, weigh my bags, weigh my bags with me on the scale... It's quite a process. Sometimes when a bag is right at 49 or 50 pounds, I'll even snap a picture of the scale as "proof" for the airline ticketing agent at the airport! This scale will eliminate my scale adventures and fits compactly in any carry on bag. Plus, the green color is too cute.

You'll be able to easily identify your suitcase at baggage claim with this luggage tag. Anne Taintor is so hilarious. I just adore this!

The Kindle has completely changed the way I read books. Not only have I been reading a lot more since I got the Kindle, it's so easy to take anywhere. This little pink light is perfect for dark planes or cars.

To avoid the pesky 3 ounce rules there are a few strategies I have up my sleeve. I always stock up on samples from Sephora. An even better solution is the website 3 fl. oz., a website for "those who travel, those who are curious and those who cannot commit." All of the upscale cosmetics are TSA approved travel size.

My passport is so cute in this pink Kate Spade passport cover! I love it. Every immigrations and customs agent always comments on this cute cover.

Don't laugh about this one. Toilet paper is important. Not all airplane bathrooms or public restrooms always feel the same way! This compact roll is perfect to fit into a purse and can come in handy in a number of situations.
After running to a connecting flight in shoes that are not practical, you may need some of these bandages! I'm famous for wearing shoes that are gorgeous but not necessarily comfortable.

What are some "must haves" on your list for airplane travel? Let me know what to add to my list!


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  1. This is great! I'm traveling this weekend and only wish I could have read this earlier. That's will come in handy on our next trip in June! Thanks for your ideas! Have a great time in Mexico!

  2. Great article!! Love the pink mini light!

    Have a MARVY time in Mexico!! I'm jelly!!!!!


  3. What a fantastic list! I recently purchased a luggage scale, though wish I had found a digital version. The Kate Spade passport cover is fab!

  4. I always carry toilet paper around with me!
    Hand sanitizer and those little paper soaps make a huge difference in an icky situation!

  5. These are adorable!! I need to pass this list along to the folks I send on Amazing Race. It amazes me how many of them forget to bring TP! It is nearly impossible to find in parts of Asia!

  6. Hi Bethany! How are you sweet friend? I am sorry it's been a little while since I've been over to visit, waaayyyy too much work travel as of late!

    How fun, you're off to MEXICO!! Are your hubby and the girls going too? I LOVE your travel list, that portable scale is perhaps the coolest thing I have ever seen, I too am a junior master of packing a 50 lb bag!! :) Love that you get so many happy smiles with your Kate Spade passport cover, isn't it nice to spread a little pink sunshine wherever you go?! :)

    Safe travels, can't wait to hear all about your trip. Tell the minnies HI from Trishy! xoxox

  7. I need that luggage scale- what a lifesaver!

  8. Have a wonderful trip!!! Love the luggage scale and toilet paper idea. Bethany, you really are such a wise woman with such wonderful ideas!!!

  9. ahhhh!!!! I love love love your kate spade passport cover. I need one!!!!



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