Monday, June 21, 2010

National Wear Your Lilly Day

Today is National Wear Your Lilly Day! What better way to welcome summer than with a bright, colorful, and happy wardrobe? What are you wearing today? I'm wearing "old school" Lilly ~ my beloved Krista dress in the Juicy Patch print from Summer of 2001. It has my all time favorite print in it, too, Shrimp Cocktail. I'll pair this with orange McKims.

Summer 2001 Juicy Patch Print includes
•Shrimp Cocktail
•Pink Pigs in a Blanket
•Sunrise Pina Colada
•Pistachio Green Singapore Sling
•Fruit Punch Juice Bar
•Crocodile Cooler

Corporate Lilly Pulitzer Stores are offering a special gift with purchase today. Purchase $250, receive a Small Originals Tote. Purchase $350, receive a Large Originals Tote.

Today, I'll be visiting Persnickety Palm who is also offering special GWP goodies for this special event. Free Original Tote with total purchase of $275; free thermal mug with $100 total purchase; and free Murfee scarf with $450 total purchase!

Lilly should have a street team on patrol in the Lilly Jeep to suprise people wearing Lilly! It would be a lot of fun and they could give a special prize to Lilly lovers they find or take their picture. Lilly corporate, if you're reading this, I volunteer to be on the DC/MD/VA street team next year!

Take lots of pictures today to share! What are you wearing today?



  1. Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day Bethany and minnies!! Love your print how adorable! BTW just saw the new pic of the "Twincesses" on your sidebar and I am in LOVE! Those little girls are the cutest!! XOXO

  2. What fun! If I leave the house today I will be sure to wear my adorable Lilly townhouse capris with a turquoise top!

  3. Still waiting for the eldest minnie to wake up, as well as the boys, so we can put on our Lilly! XOXO

  4. I love your Juicy Patch Print...Great idea for the first day of summer!
    I will be wearing my Lilly goes Boho Morgan dress today!

    Happy Lilly Day!

  5. I love that Juicy patch print! I am wearing my beach pant print today while out about town. Wish that jeep would be in SC. Hope to break in my Mckims today. That are still rubbing blisters on my feet. But my daughter says pain for fashion is the way to go. haha

    Happy first day of summer. Love your girls they are precious.

  6. Happy Wear Your Lilly Day! I've got my Worth shift waiting for me to go out tonight. :-)

  7. Happy Wear Your Lilly Day! I'm wearing my Andover Dress and carrying my Later Gator mug around the office!

  8. I only wore my Lilly Bermuda Bag... Oh! And I have my pen and Lilly pad notepad too!

  9. I only wore my Lilly Bermuda Bag... Oh! And I have my pen and Lilly pad notepad too!

  10. Happy Lilly day to you and yours!!!! Hello summertime!!! Xoxo-BLC

  11. Hope you had a great day living in Lilly! I love that print!!!! Hope it was a fabulous day!



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