Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not a simple peasant shoe

Espadrilles are a staple in any preppy summer wardrobe. Cool and comfortable, the traditional espadrille has a cotton or canvas upper and a rope or rubber sole. Originally a peasant shoe in the Catalonia region of Spain, the espadrille has come a long way. I used to have espadrilles in every color to match my dresses in the 80's and early 90's during what I like to refer to as my "Laura Ashley" phase. Now, espadrilles are a fantastic option, especially with a wedge heel like my Liza's from Lilly Pulitzer a few years ago.

Aren't Cary Grant and Grace Kelly a portrait of elegance?

Lauren Bacall wore espadrilles in the movie Key Largo.

You can buy espadrilles in all colors and varieties in Spain and France. Barcelona, Spain offers a myriad of espadrille options.

What a treat for wedding guests! Espadrilles make a fun and unusual favor for warm weather weddings. I'm still lamenting the loss of Jacques Cohen. Have you found a similar next best? Who makes your favorite espadrilles?



  1. Love love love love espadrilles! I wore them all the time in a rainbow of colors as a child in the South of France. Many of mine had little ties that we tied around the ankles because I was so young. I need to dig up some old photos!

  2. I havnt seen them sold her since I was a teenager. I loved them tho! I have no idea how I would get more of them :O(

  3. I think we all had a Laura Ashley phase lol!

  4. I love them ! :) Wish I could find them in more colors here in the Carolinas.

  5. Those look so similar to the TOMS I just bought! Too funny!

  6. I miss my espadrilles... Jacques C. were my favorite with a wrap-around skirt and Lacoste so many years ago.



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