Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick Recap

What a fantastic weekend! Words can’t describe how refreshing and fun my trip to Mexico was. I saw so many people I had not seen in years. A true friend is someone you can see for the first time in years and have it feel like you were just together yesterday. It’s as if time froze and you pick up things where they were. It’s even better when friends are so well preserved as if they had been dipped in Jello and show no signs of age.

For the entire time I was in San Luis Potosi, I ate, and ate, and ate like I have not eaten in a long time. The food was amazingly delicious. From the nouvelle Mexican cuisine of Cielo Tinto, to the Asian fusion cuisine of Oriental, to the most typical local dishes at El Pozole, everything was delicious. Everything tasted so fresh and light. The Westin where I stayed had a breakfast buffet an omelette station, fresh juices of all varieties, and more. Every morning, I enjoyed a gordita, similar to a quesadilla, prepared especially for me with a hand made tortilla. One of the wedding guests who had arrived a few days earlier than me actually gained so much weight from the delicious food that she didn’t fit into her cocktail dress for the wedding. Amazingly enough, despite my hearty appetite on this trip, I actually lost a pound. Go figure!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share little tidbits about the trip and post more pictures. For now, I’m facing a fairly large pile of laundry and racing through the last week of school. In Mexico I made a splash with Lilly clothes like Roe, Genna, and Wynne, while playing a little fashion police along the way, too. (Let me tell you that I saw some stunning dresses at the wedding I attended and some frightful dresses at another wedding held at the hotel!)

Hope you have a wonderful, beautiful day.



  1. So glad you had such a great time! My mouth is positively watering! Stop on over for a great Lilly post!
    Did you take any Fashion Police pictures? LOL

  2. what a fabulous trip, loved the pics and it must have been such a fun over the top mini vacay :)


  3. What a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you got to go and be refreshed :)
    We'll miss you at the sale tomorrow, but let me know if you have your eye on anything in particular and I'd be happy to pick it up for you.
    PS - Shall we do our post soon?

  4. So exciting!
    Welcome home

  5. Yum the food looks delish! I wish I could lose weight eating food like that, haha!



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