Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Office Treat

Here's a sweet treat for National Candy Month! I love old school candy and candy sticks are probably among my favorites. My favorite flavors are root beer and peppermint, pretty old school flavors.

When I was a little girl, I remember saving my coins and being so proud of the fact that I could pay for the candy sticks by myself, with my "own" money. A candy stick was a small treat that no one could ever refuse. The displays and colors of the candy sticks always mesmorized me and are so pretty.

Bring a little bit of the old fashioned candy store to your desk and add fun and beauty with this adorable container. Billed as a pop up pen holder, it is perfect for pretty multi-colored highlighters, pens, pencils, or whatever else you need to organize. Why keep your pens in your desk drawer when you can display them in such a pretty way? Of course, you could also fill the jar with candy sticks. Just be sure to invite me to your office for a treat! ;)



  1. I still love those candy sticks. As a little girl, whenever we would go somewhere that sold them, I would always have the hardest time deciding what flavor to choose. They were all so yummy! I favored the butterscotch the most! :)

  2. I love those candies...and what a cute idea using the pen cup as a "dish" for them!
    Have a great day!

  3. I was at Economy Candy with my friend yesterday and got her some of those.

  4. Hi Bethany! Glad you had such a fabulous trip to Mexico and enjoyed the wedding! These old fashioned candies are the best, I used to love to get them from Cracker Barrel on road trips as a child. Thanks for the fun memory! Hope you and the minnies are having a great start to your summer! xoxox Big hugs

  5. I love those candy sticks! My local hardware store carries them for some reason ( have no clue why) but I always stock up!



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