Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where Zorro was filmed...

While I was visiting San Luis Potosi, Mexico, I had the opportunity to take a private tour of the Ex-Hacienda de Gogorron. This gorgeous residence is located about 40 minutes from the city. The grounds surrounding the main house served as a primary filming location for the movie, "The Legend of Zorro." Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones both lived in San Luis Potosi on a full time basis for about 6 months and fell in love with the colonial city.

Haciendas in Mexico were large landed estates that functioned very much like a town. There is a main house, church, jail, and other buildings in addition to the vast amount of land suited for agriculture. The hacienda owner had absolute rule over his estate, but may have spent the majority of his time living in the city. The era of large haciendas ended with the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Many haciendas were burned or destroyed by revolutionaries. Today, some ex-haciendas today are privately owned while others have been converted into hotels.

The interior of the hacienda is absolutely stunning! I love the arched patio and the gorgeous colors.

This fireplace had a secret room and hiding place behind it! So cool!

Antonio Banderas brought his own horse to Gogorron to ride while the movie was being filmed. He used to ride every day on the grounds of the ex-Hacienda. Sadly, his horse died in Mexico and is buried in a secret location on the property so that the remains are left undisturbed.

This gorgeous peacock lives at the hacienda with 3 other peacocks and a variety of other animals. I had to stalk him for a while to get this gorgeous picture. Isn't he stunning?

Hope everyone has a very happy day!


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  1. You are too cute in the fireplace picture! xo xo

  2. What a fabulous trip! I love your pictures.

  3. So very beautiful! ...and it looks like you're having fun. :)

  4. Stunning! So fun for you to have seen. xoxo

  5. Such gorgeous colors! And what an adorable photo of you in the fireplace! :)

  6. It's so beautiful! Looks like such an amazing trip!

  7. These remind me of the plantations of the south... Your photos are lovely!

    And Antonio Banderas... YUM!

  8. My great-grandfather was born in that town and I can't wait to return. The hacienda can be rented for parties and weddings.



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