Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beautiful Mother Nature

Today I'm joining Trish for Thursday Pink and Green. I'm wondering who is going to do her guest post since she is soaking up the warm rays in the sun in Mexico.

Since I've been thinking about my minnies at camp and the experiences with nature they are probably having, today's images all represent the beautiful pink and green in nature. I love any season where I can enjoy being outside without freezing! Even though I CAN ski, I only last in the snow for a little while. Heat and even a little humidity does not bother me at all and I'm a pretty "outdoorsy" person as long as it does not involve me sleeping in a tent. If I'm camping, there better be room service!

This hidden message revealed by the flowers is how I feel about my girls...

This reminds me of the nearly pink sunset at Chincoteague and a gorgeous picture a friend once took in Acapulco. Sunsets by the water are the best.

Green palms evoke warm weather happy feelings.

Pink tulips mean that spring is here.

A quiet place on a bench surrounded by green equals tranquility.

Waterlilies and the perfect pink and green combination to close...

Happy Thursday. May your day be as beautiful as these images.




  1. So great!!! If I find time, I want to do this pink and green theme today, too!!!

  2. Gorgeous pics- I especially love the palm trees! Thanks for sharing! xox

  3. Beautiful!!! Love them.... hope your day is great-xx

  4. I love those pictures. I wish I could just walk into that one with the bench.

  5. Loved the pictures! Especially the sunset and the tulips! Have a happy P&G Thursday!



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