Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fall for a Dress

When the weather gets cooler or even a little bit before then, let yourself "Fall for a Dress." Wearing a dress often is a very powerful thing and is a secret that stylish women carefully guard. What better way to look perfectly coordinated and polished. And getting dressed in the morning is so easy! The Lilly lineup of dresses features some favorites from previous seasons as well as some new winners. I was very suprised to see what looks like the same exact Shauna dress I bought last year with the gold embroidery. It is such an incredibly versatile dress and must have been a top seller. Here are some of my favorites.

The Shauna dress is a super flattering dress. The sleeves make it easy to wear all year without a wrap or sweater. This Shauna dress is a novelty dress called Big Bang. Love it.

For a few seasons, the Lulu dress has been my go-to dress for so many occasions. The dress length is long enough to be appropriate for a variety of sitations, but the form fitting dress makes the most of your curves. The Lulu dress in Skindalous.

The Jonah is probably one of the most comfortable Lilly Pulitzer dresses I own. It's a fantastic transition piece and looks great with tights in the fall. My minnie Alexia came downstairs one day and was rocking her Little Jonah dress paired with jeans. It looked adorable. A must have! Jonah dress in Don't Be Koi.

For work, the Blayney dress is a staple. Comfortable and elegant, the Blayney never wrinkles and is so easy to wear. The season's Blayney is updated with a delicate ruffle. Good news for me because I love that look. Uh oh! Another must have for me! The Blayney featured below is in the Get Ginky print.

But I've saved my favorite for last. The Finn shift ponte in pink is at the top of my list. What a great dress to wear for dinner. Now I just have to see about getting that table at Volt restaurant...

What's your favorite dress from the Lilly Pulitzer fall collection? Do you prefer to wear dresses over pants? Share your wish lists with me; I love to know what people like.

Have a good day! In other good news, many congratulations to McKenna who is the lucky winner of the Preppy Princess giveaway!! Thanks to everyone who entered and many, many thanks and a bug hug to the Preppy Princess for her generosity and fantastic introduction to the Lilly Pulitzer stationery for fall. McKenna, please contact me at and I will forward your information to the Preppy Princess.



  1. love the Jonah, would be great with big pearls!



  2. The Jonah dress from last season is one of my can't live without it pieces. It has been work to countless occassions in numerous countries. I am so glad that they are making it again this season!

  3. Since the first time I saw the fall line I've wanted the Stephanie Shift in Don't Be Koi. LOVE it!

    Love all of these finds too. Since I just stocked up on every summer Lilly item I could imagine, over at Under the Palm Tree, I may wait a little while until ordering my fall collection from Lilly. Plus, it seriously doesn't even get cold here until October. But it's definitely fun to browse, and get my wish list in order!

  4. Great dress review. I love the Lulu :)

  5. Wow. You just picked the same five dresses that I ordered on Tuesday...the same exact ones; print and all.
    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one going crazy for this fall's Lilly!
    And when my Jonah comes, I may have to try it over jeans; I never thought of that!

  6. I am loving the fall collection, my favorite part might be that there are so many work appropriate pieces included. I love to pair my Lulus with button downs underneath when the weather gets cooler!!

  7. My favorite is the Finn too! LOVE!!



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