Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fiesta a la Mexicana

Want to plan a Mexican Fiesta this summer? Here are some fabulous, elegant, and easy ideas to bring a little bit of Mexican flavor to your next celebration. No cheesy fake sombreros or woven blankets at this celebration; go upscale with your Fiesta a la Mexicana.

Imagine a villa on the water with an incredible view...

Imagine a large hidden garden behind the facade of a country home...

Imagine a stately courtyard of an ex-hacienda...

You could choose to decorate with papel picado, a traditional artesania from Mexico. Sheets of tissue paper are stacked and carefully chiseled into gorgeous designs. These banners can be hung from the ceiling or across the room. From World of Folkart.

Serve the aguas frescas I shared with you in a previous post in this gorgeous beehive shaped drink canister. Pink hibiscus water would look gorgeous beside some agua de limon, lime water, or other colorful fruits. From Pier 1.

Drink your favorite beverage from hand blown Mexican glassware. These are truly pieces of art and no two are alike. I'm a traditionalist and prefer the blue color, but there are many varieties available in green and multi-colored.

By the way, did you see the Mexican villas for rent on Rue La La earlier this week? Truly amazing opportunities, these week long stays included personal butler and maid service in a huge villa perfect for a family vacation. Anyone buy a week's stay? Be sure to invite me. I'll be your translator. ;)



  1. They were all out when I tried to get a week:)

    If anyone gets one, I'll go too & be the nanny!!

  2. Oh this looks fabulous. By the way I'm giving you an award check my blog :-)

  3. I did see the Mexican villa rentals. I'm going on vacation in October, though, so all I can do on Rue lala and Jetsetter is look and drool for now.



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