Sunday, July 25, 2010

Major Sale at Village Palm

Village Palm is one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer stores. Sarah is so helpful and she let me know that they are having a huge sale! The entire store is on sale except stationery and jewelry. What a great time to stock up on Lilly while it is warm enough to wear summer clothes.

Here are some things that are in stock at the store.

Adelson dresses in white with white lace - quite a few sizes
Del mar dresses in navy - lots of sizes
Del mar fresh picked patch - lots of sizes
Jarvey skorts
Roslyn skirts - shell shocked
Worth shifts - shell shocked
Bel air - shell shocked and frisky business
Chapman and Sherman tunic dresses in almost every print and every size
Sandra dress in I dahlia pink
Lots of Paley beach cardigans, Bidi tanks, tanks and Olette tops - solids and printed

Shoes are all 30% off except spaghetti strap McKims
Palmtastic sandal
Lilly sandal
McKims in navy and pink
Turtle xing sandal
Navy shell sandals
Diamond in the rough

There may be a few other styles and a few random mckim colors left; please call Sarah for availability. There are lots of Spaghetti strap McKims in black, pink, silver and gold at 50% off.

You can reach Sarah by phone at 313-882-7256.

Happy Shopping! What is still on your shopping list from Summer 2010? I think I still "need" an Olette top.



  1. Thanks for the heads up, Bethany! :)

    Do you happen to know the name of the navy dress in photo #2? I might 'need' it!! xoxox

  2. ohhhh you ladies have fun shopping!

    We have nothing like this here.....nothing!
    {boutique wise}

    I like to touch and feel:)

  3. Thanks for letting us know! Do you know if they have the Nettie dress, and is it on sale? Thanks!



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