Monday, July 12, 2010

Soccer players trump NFL players anyday...

Good morning and happy Monday to all of you. Hope that all of you had a beautiful weekend. I'm still on cloud 9 after a fantastic weekend of tea at the Ritz, a high school reunion, taking my minnies to camp, and Spain's victory in the World Cup.

Here's a video where Queen Sofia is in the locker room when Puyol, the player who scored the winning goal, arrives without knowing that the Queen was present. Wearing nothing except for a towel.

Oh my goodness!!

The World Cup certainly did offer some nice eye candy to all of us. Many of my friends are not at all excited by soccer, but I LOVE it!



  1. I LOVE soccer! Was it your time in Mexico that sparked your interest? I'm a big fan of the Seattle Sounders...Casey Keller is pretty cute! ;)


  2. I love soccer players. You might also like rugby players too! At one time only the afluent could play so they were all a 'certain type'.

  3. I love this video! Thanks for sharing. She was so gracious to all of them! What a great Queen. xoxo

  4. Oh I couldn't agree more!!

  5. I to am a fan to soccer and to your blog. I am in love with the Spanish team and has been a fan since living in Rota, Spain in the 90's. VIVA Spain. Congrats to the Champions. -P



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