Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School!

Summer flew by like it always does. I can't believe that today is the first day of school! The minnies are excited and are looking forward to another year of school. There's something exciting about new school supplies, a new desk, and a new year. Even as an adult, I love opening a fresh box of new crayons.

When do schools start where you live? Last week, I started working to get my classroom in order, but today is the first day of school for students. I'm so excited to see my students and start a new year.

My girls are beyond excited about fourth grade! They were so cute when they were choosing their outfit. The winning dress was the Lilly Queen of Green little shift dress. Natalia's rationale for the decision was that the dress will make a good impression on the teacher because she'll "realize that I like science and that I care about the environment!" Too funny. Alexia is wearing flip flops and Natalia is wearing plain white old school Keds without socks.

Alexia's favorite teacher gave these to students last year when they did a good job. Amazing what a little bit of candy will do to motivate and inspire students!

Fun, fresh school supplies. I fondly remember my Trapper Keeper and saw that they're back in stores.

I'm eager to hear about their day. It's so hilarious because both girls immediately get in the car and start talking rapid fire for about fifteen minutes. That's always a sign of a great day!




  1. School starts in 2 weeks for us! We have just a little while longer to enjoy the last few days of freedom... though I am looking forward to the start of school for many reasons!

    Totally loved my Trapper Keeper too!

    When I was in 4th grade we would play jacks or trade puffy stickers with googley eyes! :)

  2. Most of the minnies around here still have another week to enjoy of summer.

    Happy back to school to you and your girls :)

  3. I started classes today!

    I hope you and your girls have a wonderful first day!

  4. Best of luck with the new school year cutie!

  5. I just know they had a great day! Fourth grade is so fun...

    We are reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing as our novel. Remember Peters' brother, Fudge???

  6. Hi! Nice to "meet" you. Your girls are beautiful. My daughter (8th Grade!) does not start until the day after Labor Day which is the norm here in NY. Great blog. "See" you again soon!

  7. Glad the Minnies are excited about school. We started back on the tenth of August here in my part of Georgia. Have a great year. Blessings -P



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