Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eat Your Greens!

Happy Thursday! I've been working so hard this week it's hard to believe it. After a relatively easy summer of herding the minnies, I'm back to the reality of work! WHEW. Things are going well and I'm looking forward to students returning to class on Monday, but it's busy busy busy for me.

Today I want to play along with the lovely Trish for her Pink and Green Thursday and share some gorgeous green images with you. Surprisingly, I like my greens and so do my minnies, but most kids don't like to be told, "Eat Your Greens." Of course, I'd much rather enjoy some of the green goodies here...

These green cupcakes are so delicious! Jump on the cupcake craze at your next party with these easy to decorate cupcakes that look amazing.

And these mint cupcakes make the perfect end to an elegant dinner. They would decorate a dessert buffet, too! I love to use food as decoration at a party.

I went to a butterfly launch with the minnies and it was such a positive and beautiful experience. Many people also do this at weddings. What a perfect favor these cookies would be!

Here's another treat to tempt your sweet tooth. A chocolate lover's dream!

Cucumbers? Of course! I love cucumbers so much and they are such a healthy treat. Sprinkle sliced cucumber with a little chile powder and lime and you've got a tropical treat. Cucumber water is also so refreshing.

This sure isn't cucumber water but I had the most interesting drink a week or so ago. It was called a Green Lantern and had some "spirits" in it along with mint and cucumber. Oddly, it was very mild and tasted like a sugary cucumber water. Dangerous!

Of course traditionalists would drink this minty drink from a silver cup, but you get the idea...

They really should sell the grasshopper Oreos all year long, don't you think?

Wishing all of my lovely readers a perfectly beautiful day filled with all things happy.



  1. I love cucumber water. I always have a pitcher of it in the house. That cucumber drink sounds so delicious and so dangerous!

  2. Ok, I keep reading and seeing things about cucumber water. I do not like cucumbers but wonder if I might like the water, lol. Seems to be a craze. Must try soon:)

    Those all look delish....I could so bite down on one of those butterfly cookies right now!

    Have a great day sweetie!


  3. I really want to go and make mint chocolate cupcakes right now! And those heart/star shaped cucumbers are adorable!

  4. What yummy treats and drinks!!! :)
    I did a post on sweets too! Great minds think alike!
    I love how cool and refreshing cucumber water is!
    I think I will go make some now! I wonder how they made the cucumber look like stars and hearts???
    Have a great day Bethany!
    XOXO- Vy

  5. My stomach is growling :) Who knew green could looks so tasty!

  6. I have had the biggest craving for oreos the past few weeks so I finally went and got some! Funny you posted that about the mint oreos because those are what I was looking for! I had settle for Double Stuf though.

  7. I will gladly eating greens that look like those.

  8. now these are MY type of greens!!!!

  9. Beautiful butterflies... I bet I could catch those!!!



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