Thursday, August 19, 2010

Follow Friday and Lilly!

Happy Friday! Welcome to Daphne from Flip Flops and Pearls for hosting today's blog hop with Maryland Pink and Green. If you don't already follow this blog, you should!

Just like last week, on today's blog hop you only need to link your blog to the list once and you can add it on either of the 2 blogs hosting the Follow Friday.

Your link will be visible on the list on both blogs throughout the week so a lot of people can find you!

Blog readers will see the same list on all of the blogs and will be able to "hop" from blog to blog. What a fun way to find new friends! If you have not joined previous weeks, be sure to add your blog to the list today. Even if you've already added your blog on another blog hop, add your name to the list today since every week is a new list.

Here's how to play:
1. Find new blogs to follow and be sure to follow the hostesses Daphne and Bethany) of the blog hop.
2. Be sure to follow someone who follows you and let them know that you found them through Follow Friday. You all know how much we love comments! :)
3. Tell your other blogger friends about Follow Friday and encourage them to join!

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Here's an update on my Lilly shopping progress...Two of (ahem!) many boxes arrived yesterday and I love everything. Admittedly, I have more than one box because I'm buying for three people, but whew, what a great sale. So far, my favorite is the Cormick re-cut in Bird on a Wire. I LOVE that fabric and print and have it in the Sabine dress, too. The minnies just got a short sleeve shirt in that print from Rue La La, so it will be so cute for us to match.

Many people have posted about the fit of the Harper dress; now I'm second guessing and hoping that the size I ordered actually fits!! If not, I'm sure that there will be another Lilly lover to take it off my hands.

I've attended quite a few Warehouse Sales in King of Prussia and think that the fabulous prices at the online sale compare to the Warehouse Sale prices. The fact that I can shop online in pajamas, without having to take off work to go to a warehouse sale, or incur travel expenses is a huge bonus. Not to mention $2 shipping, free sandals, and a free cosmetic bag!!

Of course, I still have a special place in my heart for the Warehouse Sale because I'm a social creature and the Warehouse Sale is all about the people. It was so much fun to meet Scott Beaumont while waiting in line and talk with him about Lilly. A group of us always go together and have so much fun talking while we wait for our numbers; I was even there the year we waited in a TUNNEL!!! And I'll never forget the lovely ladies from Boston I met in line who brought me a ton of size 5 samples for my minnies a few years ago. A stack of $9 matching skorts!! Thank you, Lilly Loving friends from Boston! It was such a sweet and unexpected gesture.

Happy Friday! Make it a beautiful day.



  1. I have been furiously stalking my Lilly orders to see when they ship! I thought the prices at the sale were fantastic and only slightly higher than the Warehouse Sale or even the same as the Warehouse Sale prices. I'm hoping that Lilly does another online sale like this in the future so that I can buy more stuff since flying from Germany to the sale is just not an option for me.

  2. You gots some cute things!!! Love the sandals. Thanks, again, for hosting the very fun blog hop!!! I have found some great reads through Follow Friday.

  3. OBSESSED with that dress. I cannot wait for my packages to arrive!

  4. Great buys, Bethany!! I am determined to travel up for the Lily ware house sale one of these years ... maybe this will be the year!
    I just signed up for the Friday Blog Hop - fun!!

  5. The Lilly sale was definitely the highlight of my week! & I agree w/ your post. I love, love, love meeting fellow Lilly lovers. An overwhelmingly friendly&warm (& of course chic) group of ladies&gents. =)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Waiting for my one box... Alas, I went online late in the afternoon but did get a cute necklace and light turquoise fleece for the fall!



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