Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lilly Reader Outfits

Here's another sweet dose of some lovely readers wearing their Lilly! You're all so good at putting together the cutest outfits. A lot of you commented on how much you liked Melissa's printed dress last week. Those kind of unexpected prints in classic Lilly designs are my favorites!

This week, we'll start with Tara who is wearing the Lennox Wrap Skirt in the Jubilee Toile. She paired it with a Brooks Brothers white shirt, Lilly Better Than Gold Wedges in platinum, a string of pearls, her wedding ring and watch that she always wears and David Wysor earrings (which you can't see in the photo). It's a simple combination, but one that's appropriate for a number of occasions. Tara says, "Of course, the Jubilee Toile is very special to me because it incorporates scenes from Lilly's life - including a sketch taken from the famous photo of her dashing from the airplane in 1963." You're beautiful, Tara. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Lilly combines so perfectly with classic pieces like a basic white shirt and pearls.

Jennifer sent the most adorable picture! I love to see children in Lilly. It's so timeless. I save so many Lilly dresses that my minnies have outgrown because I know that they could wear them on their own daughters some day. Here is the adorable "Lallie in Lilly" with two of her best friends, Turner and Merritt. This was on the day of her third birthday pink and green, Lilly pool party bash!! Too cute!

Matching Lilly with other people or family members is also so much fun. I love this picture of Ashley and her daughter, W. In this photo they were on the way out the door to church. That's the best thing about Lilly, especially in the summertime. Ashley says, "I don't even have to think twice about what to wear to church, I just throw on a Lilly dress, and I'm out the door!" Like probably most of us, Ashley is really looking forward to the Lilly Pulitzer collection for fall. :)

Let's keep this going! Please feel free to send your pictures and a description to blbrodger1@hotmail.com and I may include it in an upcoming post. It's so much fun to see how everyone wears their Lilly!



  1. Awwww!! Three of my favorite ladies, how perfect, all so gorgeous in their Lilly!! Love this series that you're featuring Bethany!! Big hugs xoxox

  2. Thank you for posting Bethany!!! I also adore Ashley and her sweet baby girl! Love you Trishy---- smooches!!! :-)

  3. These are wonderful. I love seeing how some of my favorite bloggers dress up their Lilly.

  4. oooh soooo cute! I love this! So nice to see everyone in their Lilly! :)

  5. Thanks so much, Bethany! So well stated, and I love these other bloggers. Some of my faves! :)

  6. These pictures are wonderful! Great idea for a feature, Bethany! If I find one where I don't think I look too fat, I'll send it on. HAHA.

  7. such cute photos!! i'll have to find one of little miss dependable and i!



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