Thursday, August 26, 2010

Minnie Swag!

Over the next few days, I want to share details about the minnies' birthday party with you. But before I tell you about their swag bags, I have to tell you about my lack of swag. Remember the infamous order from last Tuesday's Lilly sale?? Well, there was a glitch in my order and my three favorite items, the Anya dress, the Goldy dress, and the Rosemont Cardigan were no longer available when someone actually checked the shipping status of the order.

I'm pretty upset about this, not necessarily because the items are no longer available, but because my emails went unanswered for days and I spent probably a total of 2 hours on hold at Customer Service. Only when I emailed Jack at Lilly directly did I get the bad news. Jack feels badly about the situation and is trying to find these items at a Via Store. Fingers crossed on that one.

It's funny because I just knew that something was wrong. I've got this crazy sixth sense about things. I've told people they were pregnant before they knew it. I know things long before they happen. Maybe my relatives were caravan-traveling fortune tellers. (Just kidding!)

Anyhow, if any of you lovely readers come across Rosemont or Anya in turquoise, please, please let me know! A million thanks.

The girls and I had so much fun putting together the little goodie bags for their birthday party. They hand picked everything for their friends and are so excited about their party this weekend. For the 8 year olds who are going on 18, the party is going to be held at a custom makeup studio called Smooch. Each girl will get to create her own customized lip gloss with the flavor of her choice.

So we wanted very glamorous goodies for the girls.

Here's what the little minnie swag bags contain:
* Lots of birthday shaped Silly Bands like cupcakes, cakes, balloons, presents, and whistles

* Lots of "Diva" shaped Silly Bands like lipstick, sunglasses, shoes, and crowns

* A pen that looks like lipstick. This is my favorite item. The colored part is the top of the pen. Love this!

* A cupcake nail file.

* A Lilly pencil. Of course, no swag bag is complete without Lilly!

I used ordinary paper lunch bags in a pretty green color and stamped them with a wasabi green color using ink and a stamp from Stampin Up. To close the bags, I folded over the top once and punched two holes in it. For the bow, I threaded the ribbon through the back of the bag and tied it on the front. Easy and pretty!

The party guests will also take home two lip glosses; the one they made and another gloss that a friend made. There will be a candy buffet, too! It's been fun putting this together; especially since the minnies are hand picking everything they want.

So excited!!



  1. I'm sorry to hear about the dresses! This is just the sort of pet peeve that makes me crazy so I know how you feel. All your plans for the party sound lovely so I'm sure the day is going to be great no matter what!

  2. The party looks so cute! Your little girls are lucky to have such a creative mom! I loved the bow on the bag idea!

  3. How sweet! Love their swag bags! As for your Lilly....hope you find it! I'm currently on the hunt for the Goldy in pink, size Medium. :)

  4. Did you check The Pink Crab, Bethany? They ave tons of sale items!

  5. These bags and goodies are perfect for the girls-super cute! The party sounds like so much fun. Oh, to be a young girl again!

  6. I am sorry to hear you didn't get the dresses you wanted :O( Hopefully they can find them for you!

    Your goody bags look great! I have used the coloured bags for parties and I just love them!!

  7. Your bags are lovely - and so appealing - I can imagine they will be a hit!!

    So - sorry - so -upsetting about the dresses and such. . I've had my eye on a couple and have missed getting the right sizes. I always look at it this way- - they'll be back next season in an even hotter colour!!


  8. That sounds like such a fun party for the girls. I know they will have a wonderful time and those little grab bags are adorable!

  9. What a clever idea! Mini swag bags. You've got me chuckling. The minnies are going to have so much fun at their party no doubt :)

  10. What cute swag bags!!! The minnies are so creative picking them out! :)
    xoxo- Vy

  11. what cute bags! And what a fun idea for 8 year olds to make thier own gloss.

  12. Cute idea. I hope the twins have a wonderful day! Sorry to hear about your items. The after-shocks of that sale are still being felt by many : (

  13. What lucky girls your daughters are, Bethany!! And so sorry about the Lilly items - I will be on the lookout for them for you.

  14. Love the swag bags and sorry about your order! Oh, Miss Janice would be having a hissy fit:)

  15. What great bags! Wish I were a guest! Of course, by the time boys get to this age, goodie bags aren't de rigeur anymore (at least with my guys). Kind of sad...



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