Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mom, That's SO Fashion!

The Lilly fall collection for minnies is so practical and well designed. Although there are dress options for special events, the majority of the items are appropriate for every day wear, school, and play. Moms and minnies everywhere are cheering for this! The price points are also reasonable without sacrificing quality (J. Crew, take note of this with your crewcuts!) This season repeats some winners from previous seasons and brings some new items, too.

My girls do not like tights at all. They are more easily to convinced to wear "pantyhose" that are sheer because they feel older and more "elegant." But tights under a dress are too much for my crowd. I am thrilled to see leggings in this collection. The Taryn legging comes in several prints and solids and pairs so nicely with dresses and sweaters. I predict that these leggings will be a very popular item.

Alexia's favorite dress from last season was the Little Jonah. She wore that dress every chance she could. It's comfortable for school but nice to wear to church, too. One day, she came downstairs with the Jonah dress over jeans and it looked amazing. Funny how an 8 year old can provide fashion inspiration for her mom! Seriously, try your Jonah dress with jeans ~ it is a completely different look.

The minnies are sharing (I mean, gently pushing each other) the computer to look at Lilly fall and I hear, "OH, this is SO FASHION. We HAVE to get this!" I look over their shoulders to see the Mini Shere Sparkle sweater. So fashion, indeed. The mini Shere sweater is gorgeous and is oh so glamourous for girls. I also expect that this little number will get some heavy rotation in the Minnies' closet this season.

Another popular item from last season is the Kensington dress. This versatile dress is back again for fall in a variety of prints and patterns. A perfect transition piece, this dress is ideal for fall and can be paired with leggings and other layers for winter.

A special note about sizing. This year, a large portion of the minnies' collection is not numerically sized. It is small, medium, large, etc. I would highly recommend that your minnie try on the items to ensure a proper fit. My girls are actually a little bit in between sizes and would probably have fit into things better with numerical sizes in some items.

As the girls approach the end of the Lilly minnies size spectrum, I was starting to worry about my shrinking options for suitable clothes for them. But, happily, a little birdy told me that a "pre-teen/teen" collection is in the works at Lilly Pulitzer.

That's the best news ever for this mom!

What are your favorite items for your little one this fall? Which pieces would you wear for school and play? Does your minnie prefer leggings to tights? I'd love to know what your thoughts are.



  1. Sometimes I wish that I could fit into the Minnie clothes, they are too cute! I am a huge fan of the leggings!

  2. SO not ready to have a daughter yet, but man I can't wait to shop for one. You're right though, there's SUCH adorably Lilly stuff for this minnies this year. I LOVE it.

    Happy Hump Day.


  3. Too cute .. I love 'that's SO fashion'!! :)

    Wish I had a minnie!! Just me and a bunch of boys ;)

  4. Such cute, cute things for little Minnies! No little angels for me yet, but I hope mine are as adorable as yours and love fashion, too! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Love it all, as do the minnies!! I can still get them to wear tights, but they do adore leggings. Oh, my shopping list is getting SO much longer...

  6. I am dying over the Minnie fall line! I just hope the XS fits Lallie. She's just now into 2 there, but she's so tiny, I worry it will be too big! I would go ahead and buy for next season, but then I'd have to wait and I want her to wear it right now!

  7. fyi, a xl or a 16 will fit a ladies S or 0/2 wears.

    thanks for preview!!! We bought a skirt yesterday. they are too cute.

  8. So precious!!!! Love it.....
    I can see your mini-me's in those,
    precious like thier momma:)

  9. It was so wonderful to meet you last night!! Thank you so much for coming. Next time I want to meet the 'minnies.'

  10. This makes me wish I was about 12 years old again!

  11. "Thats So Fashion!!" too cute!!! I love all the items in the girls line and if its true that LP is developing a preteen/teen line then that is just awesome!!! Those ages of 10-14 are so hard to find fun, appropriate clothes!

  12. Absolutely adorable!! But, then again, I wouldn't expect anything less. They have such a fashionable mom :)

  13. I am cracking up that they say "so fashion" they are minis of their momma xo



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