Saturday, August 28, 2010

Royal Wedding

Here are the best in pictures from the wedding between Nicolas of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik. I love reading Hola or Hello to see what's happening with the royals across the pond. The wedding guest list was quite impressive and everyone looked stunning. Here are some of my favorites.

Queen Sofia of Spain (in red) is so incredibly elegant and serene. I've always been a huge fan of hers, but she really won my heart with her incredible patriotism and pride during the world cup.

Victoria of Sweden, in red, is another one of my favorites. Her own wedding was so beautiful and she truly radiates happiness. She looks fantastic.

The Spanish royal family also looked fantastic at the wedding. Princess Letizia, in blue, is uber elegant and is an example of a modern day fairy tale princess news reporter turned princess.

Of course, I saved my ultimate favorite for last. Marie-Chantal Miller is such a fashion icon. Every time I see her, she is the picture of elegance. Plus, she proves that you can have a lot of kids and still be absolutely stunning!

Who is your favorite royal?

Channeling my inner "Marie-Chantal" today....


(Images via Hola and Getty Images)


  1. How exquisite! I just love a royal wedding!

  2. Thank you for this little trip into the Royal World! xoxo

  3. Now, theres a dream wedding of mine :) We need to be apart of the Royal world! xo- Silvia



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