Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Fun and Lilly!

Happy Saturday! Today I have another sweet dose of some lovely peeps wearing their Lilly! Isn't it so much fun to see other people wearing Lilly when you're shopping, running errands, or at a special event. Every dress has a story. Do you remember what dress you were wearing on certain days or occasions? I know that I do, even if the event was years ago. I still remember a sorority formal from a L O N G time ago when I was wearing a yellow Laura Ashley dress with a scalloped neckline. Oh, how I loved that dress and that night!

This week, we'll start with Holly. She sent me this picture from her prom. Holly says that she was the only one there in Lilly. While there was momentary drama over girls who showed up in the same dress, she looked gorgeous and special and most importantly, she was so comfortable in her dress. That's a key for a good time at a party! Who wants to dance in an uncomfortable dress. Now Holly wears this dress all the time now, months later. How many people can say that about their prom dress?

My friend Raquel sent the most adorable picture! I love to see children in Lilly. It's so timeless. I save so many Lilly dresses that my minnies have outgrown because I know that they could wear them on their own daughters some day. Here is Raquel's precious niece, Grace. Grace chose this dress herself to wear at her aunt's wedding in Key West. She has fantastic taste, doesn't she?

Let's keep this going! Please feel free to send your pictures and a description to and I may include it in an upcoming post. It's so much fun to see how everyone wears their Lilly!

Today is going to be a fun and busy day! I'm meeting some friends in Annapolis for lunch. We're eating at a restaurant that is on the water, so that should be fun since the weather is going to be beautiful today. Then later tonight, I'm making dinner with a special someone. ;) Thanks to Leesa for the menu advice!



  1. Love little girls in Lilly! Your last sentence totally made me smile!!! XOXO :) SO happy for you!

  2. Have fun in Annapolis! I cannot wait to hear about the "someone special"!

  3. Happy Saturday to you. Lunch by the water with friends sounds great :-) I love all things lilly...Have fun tonight. Blessings-P

  4. Both Holly & Grace are adorable in their Lilly! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  5. Sounds like a great day! Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  6. Love the pictures! And I hope you and your special someone have a lovely evening. :-)

  7. There's nothing so nice as dinner on the Annapolis waterfront! Have fun!

  8. La la la la Lilly. But the absolute BEST part of the blog was the last part! Love a little someone special! ;)



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