Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Favorite of Fall

Happy Fall Ya’ll! My name is Eleanor, the woman behind the blog, “I Can Cook Anything!” My blog started a few months ago, after one of my friends tasted my latest cooking experiment and said, “Is there anything you cannot cook?” I decided to take that as a challenge, and prove to my friend, myself, and the world that I can cook anything! My hope is as my readers grow, they will begin to challenge me to cook things I have never tried before. For now, I just challenge myself.

I thought I would challenge myself to one of the great fruits of fall, Butter Nut Squash. The definition of a fruit is:

a : a product of plant growth (as grain, vegetables, or cotton) b (1) : the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant; especially : one having a sweet pulp associated with the seed (2) : a succulent plant part (as the petioles of a rhubarb plant) used chiefly in a dessert or sweet course (Marriam-Webster)

So, yes lovelies, squashes are fruit! I am not a huge fan of fall – cold weather, dull and bulky closets, etc but I do love some of the cozy food that comes with cool weather.

So today, I’m going to share with you my recipe for Butter Nut Squash Soup. I love this recipe because it is SUPER easy, quick and SSSSOOO GOOD!!! Now, I must warn you, my cooking is not light on anything --- calories or flavors, so enjoy them, but with caution (if you really want to lighten them, try low-fat or no-fat options for the ingredients, but I cannot guarantee the taste then!

Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:

½ stick of butter
1 Large Butternut Squash or 2 Medium/Small Ones – peeled, seeded, and chopped
3 cups of chicken broth (or water with bouillon cubes)
½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper
Salt to taste
2 packages of cream cheese (the block kind)
Cilantro and/or Sunflower Seeds to garnish

In a crock pot or dutch oven, add squash, broth, and pepper. If in a crock pot cook on high until squash is tender (about 4 hours), in dutch oven bring to boil and cook 20 minutes.

Once squash is tender, you can mash the squash with a potato masher or puree in blender until smooth. Add cream cheese and heat through. Do not allow to boil again.

Serve in shallow bowls, with Cilantro and/or Sunflower Seeds sprinkled on top. I serve it with soft French bread! Trust me, this is AMAZING!!!

I hope that you enjoy fall and this little bit of coziness in a bowl!

Happy Cooking! Eleanor

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  1. Is it creamy? I love delicious fall soups! My father really loves butternut squash, so I can't wait to make this for him!



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