Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Yoga Pant Debate

Yoga pants are probably one of the most comfortable items in my dresser drawers. I truly could live in them every day. But I don't. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of people who seem to dress exclusively in yoga pants. Last week, I saw too many women and girls wearing yoga pants at the Virginia Wine Festival that I lost count. Seriously, who wears yoga pants to an all day wine festival???

Here are some of my do's for wearing yoga pants:

1. Wear yoga pants to go to the gym, yoga class, or other athletic activity. (duh!)
2. Invest in high quality fabric yoga pants (think Lucy and Lululemon) The fit is worth it and you'll appreciate the figure flattering advanced fabric. Lululemon hems yoga pants for free!

3. Yoga pants make excellent lounge wear, but be sure to lounge in other things, too.

4. Check yourself in the mirror in the dressing room in the poses that you will be doing while wearing the yoga pants. Make sure that the fabric of the pants is opaque and that the pattern of your underwear does not show through the fabric. (Several of the wine festival women were guilty of not checking this huge detail.)

5. Ditch the yoga pants to go to class if you're a student. Moms, don't wear yoga pants to your child's school on a daily basis. Ladies, as much as men probably appreciate a beautiful woman in yoga pants, let them know that you are a lady and wear dresses and skirts. Even jeans and a nice shirt are much more polished than yoga pants and are another comfortable option.

Of course I love my yoga pants; I just wear them at the right time. And to answer what I bet is running through your mind, yes, the more expensive yoga pants are absolutely worth the money. I used to buy inexpensive workout clothes thinking that it didn't matter, but trust me, there is a difference. Here are some of my favorites.

These are my new "go to" yoga pants! The Lucy power pants fit true to size and the best part is that they come in petite sizes that are perfect for my 5'4" height.

The Lilly Pulitzer Half Moon capris are also gorgeous and flattering, although they do run a size small. I had to order up in these.

What's your opinion in the great yoga pant debate? Do you like to wear yoga pants? If so, where?



  1. LOL!

    I am guitly of wearing my tennis/zumba (when I went!) and running clothes all day:) Like if I don't go straight back home after an activity. I however, don't put them on "just to look cute" w/no intentions of ever going:)

    I think yoga pants are too cute! (if your back side is small enough!)

  2. I don't really do yoga (maybe once a month...or two) but I love my Hard Tails for studying/lounging. I only wear them out if it's 10 at night and I'm running into the grocery store, or to the library to study. I never wear sweats to class but I have worn yoga pants when I was deathly ill and the health center wouldn't excuse my delirious self from my exam. The rest of the time, I'm in jeans. Although, I do wish I had swapped out my jeans for yoga pants on that 19 hour long flight...

  3. I could not agree more!! I do love wearing my yoga clothes out and about and for lounging (and yoga of course) but if its a festival or an event of some kind, I will wear the Prana dresses or cute skirts and tops... same feel but a little more appropriate.

  4. I have had my yoga pants on since yesterday...but in my defense, I haven't left the house!

  5. I love yoga pants! The Athleta ones in petite sizes are very flattering. Though it's tempting to wear them more often, I just wear them to the gym or for lounging around the house. I have other cute things to keep in rotation. :-)

  6. I totally agree! I am so sick of seeing people wearing nothing but yoga pants! Especially if they dont hem them - I actually dry heave a little when I see people with ratty hems dragging on the floor.

    I wear my yoga pants to drop my son off at school on my way to yoga the grocery store on the way home from yoga class and to pick up my son after yoga class and grocery shopping. If I bump into anyone I know I make sure to tell them I am just coming from yoga and that's why I am dressed this way. My son's teacher knows I have a class so she expects me to dress this way on Tuesdays.

    I had a few pairs but I gave most of them away since I spend 1 hour a week in yoga class I didn't feel the need to own more than one or two pairs.

  7. OK, I am a pretty casual dresser! I wear yoga pants here and there. I do think its fine for students to wear them to class, as long as, like you mentioned, they are opaque and fit OK.

    I have more issues with people wearing 'mom jeans' and tie-dye t-shirts around here!

  8. at a wine festival? seriously? Just back from Nantucket where everyone was beautifully dressed... no wardrobe guffaws at all. Was wonderful! I hit the gym at least 2x week... today is rainy and I have lots of errands. I will most likely wear mine all day. But I will be tidy. And my pink and green underwear will not show through. I promise!

  9. I personally don't wear them at all, but I'm well aware of the fact that I don't have the rear view for them. If you've got a good view, to yoga class (and maybe the coffee shop after) is fine. Otherwise, throw on a yoga skirt (which is what I call a cotton fold-over waist skirt). Easy to put in gym bag/purse and much more flattering. To wear yoga pants any where else is just tacky!



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