Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rue La La Re-Stock

On the first day of Rue La La's Final Sale, I missed the magic hour! By the time I logged in to the sale, many of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer items were sold out.

Imagine my surprise when I logged in yesterday to find these little numbers back in my size!


I didn't know that Rue La La sales would ever re-stock items, but it's a great tip! In the future, I'm going to check sales once they start to see if any items are added or changed.

If you're not a member of Rue La La, you can join this members' only flash sale website with this link.



  1. Wow! You're so lucky! Wish I would have done that yesterday! Have fun wearing them. I got a couple of dresses for the minnies, but no dresses were available in my size.

  2. Uh oh! Thanks for the tip, be back in five minutes..haha.

  3. I didn't know they restocked either!! I logged on for the Lilly sale a few weeks ago and everything I wanted was gone in about 6 minutes. Thanks for the tip. xo

  4. Congrats! I scored a cedar tank in the same print on day 2 after they restocked! I don't see RLL doing that often so i was excited! I also noticed they are shipping faster, I had 2 orders and both were shipped in less than 24 hours!

    I hope you are enjoying the long holiday weekend! XOX

  5. I am so upset! I have been trying to ge the Sandpiper for days now!! I also missed it the first time, and every time I signed on since the Final Sale was back it was always "sold out". Glad you were able to get it. If it doesnt fit or you dont like it, let me know!!



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