Monday, September 6, 2010

See You on Memorial Day!

Memorial Day of 2011, that is!

Although the "no white after Labor Day" is debated by many in the fashion world, today, I still put away my white McKims on Labor Day. Yes, I know that there is such a thing as winter white, and I have a lovely pair of Lilly Main Line cords in a soft "vanilla" color, but there is a difference between white and vanilla.

And I draw the line at white shoes.

After all, I wouldn't want to end up like poor Patty Hearst's character, Juror #8, in Serial Mom. After psychopath Mom Beverly sees the juror in white shoes after Labor Day, she mentions it to her lawyer who thinks she must be insane. Beverly then fires her lawyer and represents herself!

After the trial, Beverly finds the unlucky juror in a phone booth and kills her because of her fashion faux pas! Talk about a fashion victim!

Happy Labor Day!



  1. Wearing white shoes after Labor Day may have serious consequences.


  2. I was holding a Lilly shirt yesterday and decided it might still get one more wear in before it is packed away for the winter. Fortunately I dont have any white shoes that aren't sneakers/runners/whatever they are called!

  3. Patty Hearst in "Serial Mom" as the true fashion victim made me smile. I do have a pair of white sandals that I'll only wear in Bermuda after Labor Day.

    I still wear cottons, linens, and bright colors after Labor Day. I wear what's appropriate for the weather.

  4. I won't wear white sandals BUT I'll still wear my Jack Rogers with the white whipstitch. Call me tacky, but it's still summer in good old South Carolina!



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