Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Stinks

Bugs, creepy crawlers, snakes, and iguanas don't scare me. They annoy me, but I actually tolerate them. I kind of have an arrangement with these little guys, stay out of my way, don't bite, me and we're all good.

But the "stink bugs" have me pretty mad at them. They're everywhere. In my classroom, in my house, in my car. Today was the final straw. I was sitting in the car line waiting for the girls to come out from school and had the windows open. No less than a dozen stink bugs end up in my car. Of course, I didn't want to smash them, but had to get them out of my car. And I did. But the other moms in the car line probably thought I had lost my mind since at one point I had numreous car doors opened and I was swatting aimlessly at the inside of the car.

Seemingly invincible, the stink bugs appear to be alone on the food chain, without a predator. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a swarm of angry birds to swoop down and rescue me from these menacing little monsters.

Do you have any words of wisdom? Are you under attack by the stink bugs? How do I get rid of them????



  1. Oh Hon, YES. We are under attack in Hampden for sure. They are everywhere. I use this great stuff called, Sole of a Shoe. Does the trick every time. ;) ;) Surely my kharma is going to be out of whack for a while. xoxo

  2. I haven't seen any of those around here. I feel for ya though. I can handle anything except a ROACH! If I eer saw one in my car, ESP the ones that fly, I'd surly crash my doubt about it!
    Good Luck Honey!!

  3. Oh, these things are awful! They don't seem to have found my part of Virginia yet (thank you, God), but they are all over my hometown. Unfortunately, when I was home last weekend, I just kept hearing stories about how the pest control folks were telling people that nothing really worked on stinkbugs. I hope you get a nice freeze to drive them away soon!

  4. LOL, @Nelle--love your "Sole of the Show" solution. I LOATHE these insidious bugs.

  5. I killed a stink bug at my daughter's yesterday in PA..thought of you! What's with that????an Obama plague?
    Jennifer aka Gigi

  6. I don't know how we became infested with these gross bugs, but I am over it BIG TIME. GO AWAY STINK BUGS!

  7. Those that come into my house I "stun" them with a spray or two of windex and catch them in a papertowel, then flush them down the toilet. I read that if we keep "releasing" them back into the wild they double in breeding - ack!!! I also just heard today that moth balls put between the window pane and screen help drive them away, haven't tried it yet, but plan on it since we're under attack too!



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