Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everyone needs an Elsa!

Lilly Pulitzer Resort is popping up all over the internet! C. Orrico wins the prize for being the first to have the collection online. How thrilled am I to see the Elsa top for resort?

There are not enough words to say how incredibly versatile this top is! It can be worn practically year round and looks fantastic dressed up or dressed down with jeans. The neckline is also fabulous.

So, how many Elsa's does a person need?

You know what Lilly says, "Too Much is Never Enough."

I'm going to adhere to that motto with some stellar repeat styles in the Resort line.

(Image via C. Orrico)

What is at the top of your wish list for Resort?



  1. It is my one of my FAVORITES! I wore one of my fall elsa tops yesterday with the Davies cable blazer and the aida jean and boots. Very cute for fall! I love the Jaiden top, too! I'm wearing that one today!!

  2. um everything?! I love the elsa, love the new murfee print, love all the dresses!

  3. Love that top... Flattering for EVERYONE!!!



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