Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Costumes

As a mommy of girls, I've always loved to re-live my younger days vicariously through my minnies and their beautiful Halloween costumes. Princesses, fairies, and all kinds of pretty things have been standard for years. This year, Natalia is going to be a Grecian Princess to match her American Girl Doll with an actual American Girl Doll costume for her and the doll. Alexia is going to be a funky purple witch complete with purple tights!

Pouring over the costume catalogs and seeing costumes in person is one of the most exciting fall events and we always have so much fun. One of my favorite places for costumes is Chasing Fireflies. Their costumes are pure fantasy and are soooooo pretty. How excited was I to see that they had adult costumes this year??? Unfortunately, some of my favorites don't come in adult sizes.

Here's a funny story. A few years ago, I was a Brownie Girl Scout for Halloween. You should have seen the other moms looking at me at JCPenney where I was trying on the brownie ensemble complete with brown shorts, knee socks, blouse, sash and beanie!

Every year, I hope that someone decides to have a costume party so that I can justify getting a costume. Here are some of my ultimate fantasy costumes for Halloween.

What about you? What is your favorite costume for adults? For children? Even if you don't normally comment, please join the fun today to share your favorite ideas with everyone. You can share a picture or link below (and a link to the picture!) or leave a comment. I'm so eager to hear your ideas!



  1. I always dress up for halloween. Living in a small college town in the south, halloween was the best part of fall. Now that Im graduated though, and JAB doenst "do" fun stuff for halloween, Im guessing I wont be picking out a costume. I always liked being a pirate.

  2. I have dressed up since the 6th grade. My parents told me I was to old to trick or treat. And I decided the holiday wasn't much fun after that. I like seeing kids dress up and have fun but I don't.

  3. You're just like me! There hasn't been a single year of my life I haven't had a Halloween costume! That Dorothy one is adorable and would even be easy to make yourself. I love to see kids wearing anything creative basically! Even for myself, I never go with the standard 'witch' or 'ghost' costumes. This year I'm going to be Debbie Harry. I'm going to do a costume post on my blog too, in the near future! xx

  4. Oooh...I adore the first one!! Wouldn't that be fun :) I have been something different every year of my life, so I can't really pick a favorite! I think my recent faves have been Alice in Wonderland and I Dream of Jeannie!

  5. My girls did matching costumes with their dolls last year, but they were homemade (with help from grandma). I have pictures posted on my blog. I didn't realize American Girl sold costumes for Halloween. I bet they cost a pretty penny.

    I like browsing the Chasing Fireflies catalog for inspiration too.



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