Friday, October 29, 2010

Liberty of London at Target

Earlier this spring, the Liberty of London flew off shelves
in some Target stores on the same day it was released.
Online, the popularity of this fantastic collaboration was also a huge success.
Many items were out of stock within minutes or hours.

So imagine how excited I was not only to find a good selection of Liberty of London items,

but to find these items on sale.

Liberty of London Dunclare tumblers are lovely for a pink themed party.

In Shakespeare's play 'Anthony and Cleopatra',
Cleopatra says “My salad days, When I was green in judgment”.
Enjoy youthful innocence while eating your salad from this plate.

Here's my theory on toys in children's rooms. . .
If it's in a bin or a bucket, it's cleaned!
Pretty and organized.

Check out the fabulous collection from Liberty of London
online at before it is gone!




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